Drafting for the Red Team

This is my way of saying I’m not gonna be putting any monies into Crossout until things get sorted. Any comments on this I will assume you’re on the Red Team. Sympathizers of the Blue Team on this thread will find a fierce offensive to face. Drop your 2 cents worth in the comments.

red team

The thing is… most of us are here to play a game. For some of us, there are more than just “RED” or “BLUE”. We refuse to be put into the “RED” or “BLUE” side!!

I play the Crossout without be on someone else’s side. I am on my side to play or NOT play!! SO…DON’T pick a side for me…thank you!!

I’m here to have fun too. I love the Free to Play aspect of this game. Staying neutral on THIS particular subject of crafting items that require all pack items to make is the same thing as supporting the removal of the Free to Play aspect of Crossout. I’ve spent money. And, if they keep the Free to Play aspect, I’ll continue to spend money. But, if they fully remove the Free to Play aspect, then, no more money from me.

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Your money, use it however you like.

Some people can’t help to make statement on … I will spend my money on your game, if you do “this” or not do “this”. This has been gone on for years. Do you think the game company worry about a single play willingness to spend real money on the game or not?

This topic itself has double meaning. Ofcos to keep it on the forum it needed to be justify to keep within the rules of the forum.

Your posts contradict as your first pointed out that which side you are on and you have already group people on “RED” or “BLUE”. How a “neutral” person would lead a post with assumption and using word like “sympathizers”?

nope. I’m adding my voice to the choir and, when the choir is loud enough, they’ll listen.

I’ve made the choice to only allow being pushed so far. My neutrality has ended.

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When it comes to Corporate matters (where money is involved as a requisite) this is how we vote. Our money IS our voice (in Corporate matters).

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This is called blackmail tactic.

If people want the part of the game change. Personally, I do find a good explanation as to why it is bad to have and having others players agree with always work better than the bully or blackmail tactic. Unless ofcos, the other side totally rely on your trade. In this case :rofl:

Crossout has many modes and free to choose to use area. I do think most players don’t play or use part of the game.

Free to play is part of Crossout. However you view the game is your choice. The game company let players to use “Free To Play” part of the game. As far as I know, all free to play model games do have some kind of restrictions. It maybe much slower on progress ,or to restriction on game mode…etc. The Free To Play part of the game is still Free To Play.

Other parts of the game, we choose NOT to use. More importantly, are we enjoying the parts of the game we do use? If not, I do jump to the next game I do enjoy. :rofl:

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blackmail? no no no. Blackmail would be if a crime was committed and witnessed, and instead of going to the cops, the witness attempts to sell their silence to the person who committed the crime. If the criminal doesn’t pay, the witness will go to the cops, that’s blackmail. So, as you can see here, no, this is NOT blackmail.

This is me saying: “I will not abide items that cannot be crafted through grinding, who’s coming with me?”

Everyone should have the chance to get any weapon in the game by spending time on the game, without spending real money.

Making it a requirement to purchase a pack in order to craft will only hurt the majority of players while, at the same time, enrich the minority of already rich people. Before this, players who had Time to spend could get any weapon, now, only players who have the money get the weapon. Spending Time is no longer an option. Is that what you want? To have only the rich with the super weapons?

This is a terrible example. Fang, for so many reasons.

There’s an Elephant in the room, people are opting to look the other way…just saying.
As far i am concerned i won’t spend a cent while the Elephant is walking, crapping everything in his path.
Despite seeing this BP as very similar with the best BP that i’ve seen.

and sorry to say to you.
But for blackmailing, it doesn’t has to be a crime. To Blackmail it’s enough having something that can be used as a leverage to obtain something else that otherwise wouldn’t be obtainable.
Blackmailing it’s a crime.

I do not believe that withholding my money until the overlords stop forcing the devs to program in crap like this while, at the same time, calling others to the cause can be considered “Blackmail”.

That is the classic example.

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No, that isn’t blackmail.
They came up with a product, you don’t like so you don’t buy it. It’s normal

You are talking about being in the red team or in the blue team but you forget the grey team.

Things that probably are in our way

Devs will always do things that will appear half backed, they do carrots, we follow the carrots, if we get the perfect thing we stop playing, go somewhere. it’s this logic that they follow.
And won’t be our money (mine, yours, or that dude) that will change things.

Take the special cabs, themselves said that practically no one played them, so, they were “forced” to do something about it, and they did.
I don’t know, but picking in popular blue cabs and parts and making them special was a nerf, they probably expected people would keep using them and probably “urging” them to move on /grind more and spend more because of the grind, but players simply bypass them all together.

Not only our money ( mine, yours, that dude) won’t be enough to make them change, but also, accounts most probably aren’t equal.

Supercharge update and hovers.
Changes, changes falling short or other influences in the balancing.
It’s not about hovers per say but more about who have them? what type of players will be hit the most?
A segment of the player base where the majority is F2P or thereabouts (we, you and me e.g.)
A segment of the player base who buys every pack, every BP or close to it.

And there’s one more thing. I can’t remember it’s name.
I’m not getting from XO ( fortunately), but there are game companies that burn a lot of money in development, making parts or changes in how you play certain build.
they have to have an X minimum amount of players playing that part or build to justify their existence, so they are absurdly OP and stay absurdly OP for years and years, only to maintain that X obligatory amount of players that otherwise would not play.
Red players (bad Players) turned to Unicom players (Good)

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“People are starting to show intelligence, m’lord”

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