Dragon head CK for Kaiju?

I cant be the only one that enjoys Godzilla ng people! XD I am not sure the design for it though…


I love godzilla but I don’t know if I’d want a kaiju to look like it. What about something that looked more like Tesla made it… Change out the capacitors for older style ones.

Maybe stylize it in a Art Nouveau way…

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Well the Kaiju name seems from Pacific Rim like the creature. We all ready have the spark that image would fit that weapon better I believe.

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I’d sure think it would be cool if it had the sound FX of Godzilla. That has to be one of the world’s all-time best sound FX ever.

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Yuss! that charging effect when it well charges and a nice effect when it fires! godzilla charging - Google Search


Kaiju already looks so cool. Other weapons need a ck far more. Kaiju already looks like it has a ck on it.

But it doesn’t… still if they are adding CKs for weapons why not all weapons?

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You think kaiju doesnt look cool? What madness are you smokin sir?

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It sorta look like an anal bead cannon to me lol

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Worst beads ever. That would tear your bottom dollar to ribbons.

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Lmao love using it on them generators! :kissing_heart:



Now I want a poop Cannon ck!

What about combine that art nouveau look with a stylized monster head? With lots of vintage vacuum tubes and sparking primitive electronics.


There’s probably a way to combine it but I’m not sure if there is really that much space on the gun for too many elements lol. Most of it is capacitors. So I was mostly thinking about how wires are run and the Nouveau style of scrolling curves and stuff might work well for directing them as well as adding in coils and other bits.

I know there are some monster type posters done in that style though so I’m not one to say out of the question.

I could picture a head like this being worked into the gimble arms holding up the gun itself.

I’ve seen people mix in Giger types of works to the style too so it can be fairly organic too depending on how it’s placed:


or something like this but to fit the weapon
Raging Dragon Cannon by RodGallery on DeviantArt

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Isn’t there a dragon theme CK already in game?

Dragons best theme!

There are headlights in dragon heads. Not sure what else.

Could have sworn one of the purple cannons maybe fat man has a dragon theme CK hmmmm

Lol talking about the 88