Driver/build combos that work

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on driver/build combos they have gotten to work well. Please include as much important info as you can (like PS range, Movement part type, Weapon, cabin and Driver. Screenshots are a bonus)

I’ll start with one -

17k+ Hover, nova. triple cyclone + Falcon:
At first I thought this driver was going to be weak because it perk resets every time you get hit. But surprisingly in most battles with this combo it seems like I can keep the perk active about half the time.

I think that the hovers and nova shield really help this perk shine. The passives work really well with this set up and the damage bonus and being able to see explosive parts are just icing on the cake.

Falcon is working pretty well with my mastadon build called fat ballerina too. It’s a cohort/sabbath build that constantly spins around and shoots in all directions.

I have a cohort kaiju build with averter and grizzly. It’s a little overkill because of the multiplicative resistance calculations but mih. Same with my side omni, averter, mastadon, Hadron, grizzly build.

Porcs and waltzes are shining hard with atitlan.

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Atitlan + Harpy dual Drake does nasty things to people who are clumped together :flushed:

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I have not tried Atitlan with my porcs yet, seems very situational. I figure that 10% more damage to a $h17 ton of damage is still just a $h17 ton of damage so for now I’m using Grizzly.

So many combos and so little time :slight_smile:

Take a basic Humpback triple Whirl and slap a Grizzly on it. Feels like you’ve got a free Ermak on your Humpback-Whirl build

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Atitlan harpy/waltz works nicely though the charging is slightly annoying, it at least doesn’t activate until the next shot. Set them to separate triggers to charge faster.

One thing I’ve noticed with atitlan is that if you have the waltzes on the same trigger the perk only gets one charge from a dual waltz shot. So it takes four dual waltz shots to load up the perk. Whereas on separate triggers it takes half the shots to load the perk. I don’t like that. I like waltzes on the same trigger, and I use my other trigger to scope in.

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Thank you sir, great info.

That’s pretty much why I said the charging is slightly annoying and suggested the two triggers. It’s not as bad as Jay’s 3 second firing rule for charges but it’s still an inconvenient extra hoop to jump through.

I’ve been using Phobos on my Cerberus Mace build as well as a few others. Especially in pve as those de-gunned bots like to face hug. The perk says it charges when your within 30m of an enemy but it also changes near enemy objects like: mines, drones, turrets…

It reminds me of the old skinner trick for howl’s perk where you can drag a crippled bot or player around near you to keep the bonus going. Which I was was thinking it might match up really well to.

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Cookie cutter sideways metahovers with rapid fire machineguns coupled with falcon seems to be very popular and effective, just spin around wheeled builds and builds on tracks that can’t keep up with your agility and shoot at the explody bits

I hope they change it.