Drone Idea

What do you guys think about a drone that you fly like the TOW, but with no explosives.
Basically, it would fly at a specific speed and have a boost button.
It would have passive melee on the front.
It should be able to go fast enough to do around 1K damage at full speed by ramming.
Once it runs out of fuel or takes enough damage, it is destroyed.

Maybe 5 drones default?


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Easyest way to implement it is actually allow tow to be 3Dimensional, just allow using W and D for pitch and voila.

My last drone idea was ultimately implemented, but I meant it as a parody of how stupidly overpowering drones had become at the time, while being ridiculously easy to operate (poop and scoot).

That idea was a launchable drone that busted out the power-tools and dismantled your car like a tiny pit crew. I regret mentioning it, because now we have multiple versions of that, one complete with the sound of pneumatic tools dismantling your car. oops.

So my new idea is this: The opposite of that last unspeakable one; a drone that when you deploy it repairs the nearest friendly vehicle…complete with the pneumatic tools sound effects, please.

ive actually always wanted repair drones. the thing is i mentioned us having a carriage to like some enemies have in raids. you can attach a cabin to it and it wont have any motor functions but you can attach things to it like a small bit of armor. you can even add things to it like some guns, drones or something like that. having repair drones would be an amazing combo to that. it would function the same as raid ones to, drop it, it stays in place, is vulnerable to enemy fire, but can drop things like drones or act like a small bit of support with its guns. it would also have limited energy and you wouldnt be able to add more energy to it. idk i thought it was a fun idea.

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Why not, right? It’s basically in the game already

A SG drone.

Rare - Spitfire drone
Special - Mace drone
Epic - Thunderbolt drone
Leg - Hammer fall drone
Relic - Breaker drone.

Once released they rush the target, face hug it and shoot small burst of 4 shots.


with the speed capable of following the main build

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