Drone module idea: Command center

No it wouldn’t because if you are dumb enought to not shoot the anni that is on you.

Most of your complaints come down to “it is OP because I am not smart enough to shoot the drones.”

and your going to shoot the annihilator drone with a typhoon? or even shoot a flying drone with a typhoon? get back to me when you do that.
your also forgetting theres weapons with limited firing angles to so they wont be able to shoot the drones… at least not to effectively assuming they can reach the drones in time.
also on top of that the effect of the annihilator drone lingers for a few seconds to, more then enough time for a drone to catch up to them and go boom.
also 8 sidekicks or 8 grenadiers on the field at once with teams running nothing but these is going to be a nightmare. yes grenadiers have been nerfed to hell and back, they arent worth anyones time anymore, but that means nothing when you got an entire team of people running them and dropping them on the field. what then? people will have to run sparks just to combat them. cause you sure as hell are not going to be shooting an entire legion of drones with a set of cannons. sidekicks arent that bad of a drone either, far more usable then grenadiers in their current state.

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Sounds like you’re not smart enough to target someone who can’t shoot your drones :skull:

This kind of stupid arguments work both ways. There’s enough reasons to play hitscan MGs or Flash flamer over everything else already, and this suggestion would just reinforce that.

Any suggestion would reinforce that, those two things are literally OP.