Drone module idea: Command center

Command center

power cost: 4

Size: 10 long, 4 high, 6 wide, with slots in the center to fit 2 wheeled drone modules or a single air drone module.

PERK: when active swaps user to a map view allowing them to manually order drones around, while in this mode drones are spawned in packs of 4 and do not have life times. When comined with the Muninn cab allows for high direct burst damage other wise the drones target based on what they see.

how it works, when active you will swap to the Map view with a command cursor, this is done via SHIFT (takes scope slot.).

While active drones deploy in packs of 4 costing 4 ammo, you can have a max of 4 drones pure module. this comes at a cost of you are completely immobile and if you leave the view the 3 spare per module SD instantly.

this works only with drone connected to its pin slots in the center, meaning you can have two wheeled drones or a single air drone do to where the pins are located.

Other buffs: increases connected drone health by 50% while active. player can manually target hostiles in radar view by clicking their red dots.


I want the articulating hitched trailer bots got in raids for this feature (command center). It could function very much like the one they use. I don’t care. It could do like you say and drop drones too. I just want the articulating trailer hitch.

How I’d envision this feature acomplished is like so: In build mode This module would simply allow you to commit your parent cab’s specs to two separate frames. The one with the module on it would drive about on it’s own like a drone, and the one with the parent cab on it would be controlled by the player. You would then be able to spilt all your stats (and remaining energy points) onto two separate frames.

A trailer hitch would then be simply a gimmick for releasing this drone like the contact module.

EDIT: I liked my second idea better, so I deleted the first.


you know how op that would be? no thanks.

instead id much prefer the things that bots have in raids. where they have a trailer attached to them, they can drop it and have drones spawn out or even have 2 guns on it for support fire. after taking so much damage itll go inactive, you need to drive close to start repairing it, or you can reattach it to your car to have it start repairing itself. itll have a max of 10 energy and no more then that. you can even set how it behaves.

i would like to have repair drones that drive up to you and repair your guns and cabin hp and wheels / modules.

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It would only be OP bellow 6k above it wouldn’t actually change how the game functions at all. Also instead of slow burst spamming your drones you are releasing them all at once as most modules only have 4 ammo, so only 4 to deploy total.

Yes. I would love to build a proper ambulance…it would be more fun than another set of propellers and more clan war features, IMO, and I think this idea has been floated before…probably because it’s a good one.

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I would pay for a repair drone… yes I am saying that hoping they hear.


and how will it work when you have 16 ammo on each drone? or 3 fuze drones modules? you know that some drones have more then 4 ammo right? fuzes have 6 while sidekicks have 4. and how will this work for flying drones? i do not want to imagine being targeted by 4 annihilators… especially ones with no death clock timer…


God, no.

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imagine if they had no timer on them. that would not just be broken but that would be all that anyone runs. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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i ALSO want to point out as well your forgetting microfactories. AND microfactories recently got a buff to BOOST THE MODULES OUTPUT / AMOUNT OF AMMO GIVEN. so that would be an extra drone in there to. so 4 modules may even be 3 or 4 extra drones. with annihilators they already have 8 ammo. fuzes have 6. i get about 14 of them drones from 4 microfactories. imagine if all 4 of those were fused for more ammo. that would be possibly 4 or 5 more ammo for them. so imagine me running around with almost 20 fuze ammo per module. 60 drones with 3 of them. no timer to detonate after it expires… no man thats to broken. AND you said yourself that it “would only be broken below 6k ps” … what makes you think people wont run that below 6k all the time and try to find ways to break it? i just found a way around it within a few minutes of thinking about it. not hating on you here or trying to attack you but you gotta think about all the other drones to and how people would abuse them man.

Max of four per linked module can only link two modules or one air module.

So the max drones is 8 deployed at once. and believe me 8 drones heading at you while a threat isn’t as big of a threat at first.

As for fuze drones, 8 fuze drones is a train of death anyone wiht eyes can see and deal with.

On flying drones I don’t even know if it would work the idea is it will have a 4x4x4 hole in the center with pins lining the side that link similar to defnesive modules, meaning you can only link 2 modules to it especially if there are only 2 rows of well placed pins.

So it might be limited to gorund donres.

Doesn’t mater it only allows deploying 4 at a time, I stated that out right, doesn’t mater if the drone module has 4 or 40 ammo you can only deploy 4 at a time.

LOL… no. and dude yes fuzes are a threat especially if your using hovers. not to mention you dont just got 4 of them, you got EIGHT coming at you at once. my drones are FUSED and have a fast activation time and reload speed.
not to mention i do not want to be dealing with any kind of annihilator drone with unlimited time on it, no thanks. idc if its just one with unlimited time, theres no way thatll be accepted.

2 drone modules linked at a time.
4 drones deployed max per linked module.
so counting that theres 8 drones. now lets not forget the additional ones to that arent linked so lets add 2 more to that count.
10 fuze drones coming at you at once…
sorry but i dont want to be anywhere near Nagasaki when that that thing blows up half my build… and half of the map… :face_with_peeking_eye:

I don’t care about that first part, hovers need counters like that. Anyway fuzes are already useless at the tier this would appear at. the way this is designed using it bellow 9k would be near impossible.

4 energy for the module, 8 energy for the 2 drones in it, 4 energy for another drone… max of 9 drones coming at you. are you bad at math?

And still those are fuze drones, they do almost nothing at the tier this would be at.


also the un linked drone would not be manually targetted, meaning it would wonder and do its own thing. you also ARE MANUALLY AIMING THEM.

are YOU blind? you said it can be COMBINED WITH THE MUNINN CABIN which guess what that does? TARGETS PEOPLE and boosts the damage of fuze drones.
if you deploy 8 drones at once with the muninn cabins perk then holy crap i feel sorry for the poor fool who gets caught in that explosion of a death storm. fuzes may be not that good anymore, but combine them with the muninn cabin and that perk and they deal ALOT of damage. especially since you can also focus fire. the only downsides to the drones are the reload time. im sorry but your time is better spent trying to come up with a module to boost anacondas as those are practically useless.

Suggestion: Fuze turret

Turret that spits a Fuze every two seconds while it has a target. 3 energy, no time limit.


everytime it spits out a drone it makes a fart sound effect xD


So you turn those 9 fuzes into short range bombs that if the hover reverses do nothing… you know the fuze has a max speed of 70 KPH right?

annihilator drones would fix that. :wink:
8 fuzes and 1 annihilator.
but that aside you need to know how to run fuze drones and take an enemy by surprise, not just run in like your bumpers on fire and drop drones hoping they hit something. ive run fuzes for a long time and know what it takes to run them, a surprise attack is key. and if the hover sees them then hit a slower enemy, wait and retry. plus in a crowded map hovers can only run so far before they run into something. once they do, its hello kingdom come. dont forget that hovers steering isnt so great. even i myself have alot of issues with it. so i dont think there would be much issue there.