Droneapocalypse drones

How’re you all liking the new drones, upgraded drones, are you missing any of the old ones that were not around for this years event?

The new ones, as far as I know are the Skadi, Narwhal, Jotun, Charybdis, Dove, Athena and Starfall

Tabasco (remedy) got an upgrade with a booster and the 1 structural part some drones have

Do you miss any of the old ones, like dual gungnir, singular pyre, singular spike, singular flute?

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Out of the new ones, I like Skadi the most. The Dove is a crazy effective drone in the right hands, and Jubokko is still a monster in this mode. And I have seen the charybdis chew up leviathan frames at an insane rate. Jotun and Narwhal are not really impressing me much. Oh yeah and acari is super effective as well, to a point at least

I miss the dual gungnir drone, it was crazy effective in this mode, and the flute drone was also surprisingly fun to play.

In the current version of the event my favorite drones are Mandrake, Varun, Scorpion, Kaiju, Phoenix, Mastodon and Skadi

new dones are cool, if only the event lasted longer

The Dove is honestly underused and underrated… I grab that thing whenever I can. Most people (correctly I might add) take melee and do most of the damage, but to be out the way in the front with the Dove dropping huge damage on the front of the Levi is super helpful.

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A v a l a n c h e.

This is honestly extremely effective, and its huge hitbox blocks a lot of damage from everything else. Very hard to kill (even with a starfall), and it can deal a lot of damage to the enemy leviathan.

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A minute of silence for Fortune and Temp drones, which went from S tier to garbage in a year.

Fortunes are better than Porcs…Porc.
What a sad drone

Oh and the Nagual drone, I forgot it existed because it’s just not very good
Kinda neat that they gave the drones the manitou perk, on the nagual and athena ones, but it also shows how bad manitou is in genaral because even with that they don’t really feel like they do much damage, and using the perk is so sluggish you don’t even want to use it

I am surprised there has not been a yongwang drone yet

Yeah. Fortune was the GOAT of this brawl for years. Then they nerfed it into a firecracker this season.

I’ve been favoring range this year. I like all the Autocannons, Cyclone, Starfall, Stillwind and Whirl. I think Starfall has been my favorite. I like Kaiju and Varun as well. You just get more hits and good hits on the build when you are off a ways from the Rugby scrum behind the Levi. The Fidget has also been quite good.

For close range builds I I have been favoring Remedy and Skadi for big numbers and frame damage.

i love that the can opener was brought back. i also like the mosquito but sadly i dont see it that much.
the dove is just… pure carnage and damage, yeesh that thing hits hard! but i love it lol. and its nickname was birds nest i believe? xD

its a shame the fortune was nerfed to. it is just bad now.

your forgetting unlimited ammo to!

phoenix is my go to because of the damage. seriously i am a monster with that thing lol. its a shame it has limited ammo though.
mastodon i dont like because if you do a charge shot the second shot always misses so theres no point.
mandrake is… well… if you can land a hit its fricken devastating! i like it though.
scorpion is… ok i guess.
kaiju was a beast before but if you can land a full volley hoooo that damage lol. it does slow you down alot though and it sucks on hilly terrains.
skadi idk i tried it but ehhhhh im in the middle on it.
varun is ok to i guess though it does have limited ammo to.
the porc drone is decent i guess but its slow as molasses when reloading.

Rip drone event it was fun as always

Such fond memories every time

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Best event of the year

They kinda fixed mastodon, and mammoth is like shooting peas at the target. Both their damage underwelming.

Yokai meh aswell.

The levi designs in 2022 were insanely good, who can forget the pyramid hover levi? Or the boat? Last year they were meh, this year hardly anything interesting, some generic stuff on wheels, tracks and hovers with a few twists on decor. YAWN.

While it is still the most interesting and fun event available, they still somehow manage to make it somewhat boring with these levi designs.

Dronapocalypse is the reflection of the entire game. Peaked in 2022 and it has been downhill from there.

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