Droneapocalypse favorite/new drones

Let’s discuss our favorite drones, and how we feel about the new drones that have been added

My favorite drones are the Mandrake, Gungnir, Yokai, Jubokko, Scorpion, Flute, Fortune and Waltz ones. Special mention to the Flute and Yokai, those are by far the best drones for me, yokai deals good damage to the main enemy and also is good one shotting enemy drones, and Flute is very good at hitting the main enemy while keeping good distance. As always, Jubokko is the mvp if destroying enemy drones as always, don’t really like it as a drone that much but the effectiveness is out of this world, like always.

Out of the new ones Avalanche is pretty funny, it’s sucha huge gun on a tiny drone. Gungnir drone is surprisingly effective and can hit the enemy close and from very far away very accurately, and not a big fan of all the rest that were added, excluding the Tempest drone. Varun drone sucks as much as Varuns do, I don’t like the Heather over the Mandrake and think it’s the lesser gun of the two.

Still no return of spike drone, wonder why they removed it, it was there during the original drone event

Surprisingly ok drones that are easily overlooked, the Tempest is very good, it does what the Stillwind and Whirl drones do, but at lesser recoil to the drone itself, Argument drone can deal out surprisingly consistent damage even if it does not wow anybody, and Pyre drone can also be very good at hitting the main enemy

Okay, here’s my tier list (WIP)

S tier

A tier

B tier

C tier

D tier

E tier

F tier

There’s probably controversial stuff, and a few ones I forgot. I’m willing to explain the less-popular opinions.

Regarding Jubs and Fuze, they’re only good at defending. And defending is pointless. It’s all about nuking the enemy levi. Many games I’ve been spammed by Jub enthusiasts. It’s frustrating, but they always lose. How could you win when you don’t even try to meet the victory condition? And they don’t even defend selectively. Blowing up Forts and Tempuras is great, but when you start nuking the useless Heathers and stuff, you’re just giving rerolls to the enemy team.

Tempura’s the obvious melee winner, but I feel Borer is the second best, by far. It just sticks so well into levis, and almost never stops grinding something somewhere. It’s also the onlymelee that has some form of defense against side collisions.

Destructor’s a solid A tier gun if you’re in team, or with randoms who are competent. Sadly, as a solo q player, I have to evaluate it on its own. It deals great cab damage… after a while. Same for Mastodon, it’s good if you have a Cricket mate or something.

Heather is terrible, but I can see the appeal of Mandrake. But really, most of the time you’ll be much, much better with another weapon. 1000 damage isn’t worth the effort when Forts do that every day of the week to a specific armor point. You’re just much better driving around the levi shooting its weak spots than spamming low AoE damage all over it.

@62733057 “Varun drone sucks as much as Varuns do”


Avalanche is better than I thought it would be. Fuse is great for defending and racking up kills. Yokai works better than I would have thought, and makes me want to buy some. Jobukko is good for
defending, but I did see one match where it looked like a few people playing it managed to trap a leviathan. I was surprised at how well the phoenix drone worked. Good for picking off enemy drones, and not horrible at attacking the leviathan.
I’m not that strategic with my choices though: I want to try them all, even if they suck. It’s just a fun mode, and I like how the various drones force you into different gameplay approaches.

I like the fuze as well… the levis take a rather predictable route, so if you can get in front of them & drop fuzes, you’ll do enormous damage.

In the map with the little boosters that pop the levi in the air, the Levi came down on top of me sideways. I popped two drones & nuggeted the thing. The match was over a few seconds later.

Low skill. High reward. :rofl:

The very best of all drones… and by far


great drones

Thresher (this one slides a bit to OK)

Ok drones



All the remaining ones

Their roles didn’t change since last event. It’s always about having some kind of big damage for enemy levi or quickly and efficiently destroying the enemy before they get to your levi. New ones?.. heather looks fine, if you can aim and predict with that. I can’t aim with them idiotic controls to save my life. Yokai is good too. Avalanche is bad. I don’t remember what else is new here. Oh and Argument is so-so.

defense :

offense :

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Nailing the levi straight on the head with Heather usually leads to damage that you could do with Fortunes at twice the rate, without sweating, and with the ability to defend yourself. I play lots of Heather in PvP so I’m not totally stranger to the way they’re aimed, but even then, it’s just a bad dronapocalypse weapon. Never kill an enemy Heather when you see one, let him waste his time (^:

Drake is a bit better because of the fire puddles, but yeah… Not by much.

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Good for you. I totally can’t use that crap, especially on rough surface. I dunno why I crafted it…

Compared to better weapons — yes. Compared to overall event — it’s situational. You can hit any levi, if you know their route, but it’s harder for me to do so since I plain don’t like the aiming system. You try to move it closer — the area doesn’t move at all. You try to love it on the side — it flips you over and aims at your head.

I mean, my pride and joy (for now) on exhib is a Heather-Hadron vehicle but I’d advise against using it in a real fight.

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I just feel it starts moving too late, and is too sensitive. Maybe it could be less sensitive if you didn’t have to point at 45° above the horizon to move the aiming thing away lol. I swear half the time I just have to guess because I’m looking at the skybox anyway shrugs

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I have to guess almost every time. I mean, I understand it’s an artillery piece, but atrillery simply doesn’t work in a big fight where everything moves constantly. Without Kapkans for artillery to aim better, that is. Since I don’t have those and don’t plan to have AND there’s no drone with Kapkan AND we know levis are immune to Kapkans, Heather stays situational.

Although it looks cool. It’s the only con I’m willing to admit about whole XO.

Great list!

So Fortune is the consensus best 3 years in a row?

I would rate rockets, particularly Waltz, Cricket and Flute 2 grades higher. A-Tier for Waltz and B-Tier for Flutes and Crickets. The reason being is they do a lot of damage and reload decently quickly. Also, I have been into range this year and think that Cyclone and Kaiju are excellent.

The reason for range is that a lot of Xbox players have been playing defensively, and it is easy to stay out of the scrum while still doing good damage with Cyclone and Kaiju. I would move Cyclone and Kaiju into A-Tier.

I’ve only played about 10 matches of this brawl, so my opinions aren’t that certain and subject to change.

Cool post.

I believe Kaiju’s really great too. Keep this in mind to read the list: My initial intention was to put Forts, Varuns and Tempura together in S tier because they just melt levis faster than anything else, but then I thought “nah Forts are still way stronger than the other two”. Anything in that B tier is killer, and I wouldn’t cry about getting a D tier weapon. Kaiju is absolutely awesome, but doesn’t really have the potential to end a game in 30s like the other three IMO. If you play in team and one mate runs a Destructor tho…

Cyclone is definitely a game winner. Once again, B-tier, unless you get Fort or Varun offered, or Temps against a levi they melt, that’s your go-to pick. It’s probably the safest, most solid pick in Dronapocalypse. It’s solid at every range, solid against levis, solid against drones, easy to use. Never the best or most exciting tool for one specific task, but if you go around picking nothing but Cyclones your winrate will look really good.

Snowfall is the best of the rocket weapons for me. The damage you get out of it is close to Forts, it shoots about as fast if not faster, I think it has more amo too. Kinda sucks to defend yourself tho. I find Waltz less powerful and more clumsy to use, but I played lots of Snowfalls and zero Waltz before, so there’s that. Crickets used to be right behind Forts for me, but I’m pretty sure they gave it/increase the recoil, and hitting a full volley’s now painful and not really worth the efforts.
I must admit I have not really tested the Flute. I have rolled it a couple times, but not once when I was making this list, to my despair. From what I have seen it is slightly superior to Pyres for direct fire, which are already quite comfortable to use and deal 150-200 damage with little need to aim and a fast reload. I assumed this went like: Pyre = easier to use, lowest damage. Exec= average to use, better damage. Flute= harder to use, best damage. Now I’d need to try delaying my shots to use the perk more… But I must say more damage is good against cabs or wheels, probably not against the levi’s roof when you could be taking it out by shooting its 4-5 weak points.
I’ll pick it if I roll it these days and edit if I feel I made a mistake. I can see situations where it’s better than the Pyre (against a naked cab with 5-6% remaining for example).

Last note: I mostly reroll the F tier, plus a few ones I truly hate from the bottom of my guts like Jubs and Fuze (ain’t got time to delay a defeat when I could be rushing to victory, sry guys. Plus Jub sends you flying and takes 10 mins to reload, just no) and the arty ones (too slow really, by the time you fire your second volley a Fort or Tempura rush could have melted your levi). I also rarely bother with enemy drones unless they’re a Fort, Temp, shooting at me, or I just respawned and there’s a derp in my line of fire while I rush to the enemy levi. As I said earlier tho, never shoot the F tier drones. Let them realize (or not) their mistake by themselves :eyes:

I like Flutes because it is so much more aimable. I’m not a good Flute player and I can drive it right into an open back hatch of the Levi for very good damage. The other rockets have many less clean hits but do more damage overall.

I re-roll your whole F-Tier plus Mandrakes. I’m not happy with Executioners, Mastodons, Mammoths or Avalanche either.


Ava and Jub are in the same boat for me… I shoot once then SD because I’ll respawn faster than I’d reload :joy:

Exec ain’t that bad really. It reloads pretty fast and tends to hit harder than the Fatman while being better at range. Not exactly somethin I’d pick out of preference, but I have seen it be the best weapon offered to me a couple times :eyes:

I like the prizes…that’s pretty much it. Not a fan of the brawl, don’t like wobbly-wonky driving, but I’m glad they were merciful and made the effort to win the prizes minimal. Thanks, Devs.

I’m not sure what I’ve got left to win that I want. I’d like a matching pair of the Question-mark decor, but I’ve got the paint, the duck (2 ducks actually), one question-mark, and the hologram.

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Surprisingly, this is the exact amount of what I got, aside from stickers. The only thing left for me is the second hologram drone. And endless amount of ducks.


TTYTT, the best drone would be Cyclone one. It’s equally good in destroying both levi and enemy drones.

The rest is heavily shifted in either category. Yokai good for sniping drones but bad for levi. Any melee requires precision and sometimes it doesn’t work for levi. And so on and so forth.

I have the paint, 2 Ducks, and a Hologram as well as about 5 stickers. I think that the game makes sure you get all the high value items in the first 8 or so rolls, then gives you random chances after that.

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Maybe so. I’m hoping for a second hologram, but other than that, I just enjoy the event itself.

UPD: got the second drone hologram and couldn’t be happier. Aside from having implemented all I wrote about the better version of XO, that is.