Dronepocalypse: becoming a pro in three steps

After years of grinding that silly (but fun) event, I decided to write this exhaustive and comprehensive guide to winning games with your random drones. Here are the three rules that will make you go from n00b to pro in 5 minutes:

1- Do not defend
2- Do not defend
3- If you’re going to “defend” anyway because you’re just that stubborn, at least stay far back to avoid crashing into your allies who respawn to ATTACK, the thing that wins the game and isn’t totally useless, unlike “defending”.

Have fun, I expect a 95% winrate from you guys now that I shared my knowledge.

edit: also a slight reminder that everytime you “defend” like a pro, the enemy you killed respawns at his levi, disrupting your attack. You know, the thing that WINS THE GAME.