Dronepocalypse frustrations

is there anything about this mode that ticks you off? for me its a few things.

  • respawning on top of a jump pad. now this isnt to common but i just kept getting juggled by a jump pad immediately when i spawned in and couldnt do anything. i literally had to suicide and respawn right after i spawned…

  • to many jubokkos. seriously in some matches i come across far to many people running these annoying weapons. in some cases theres like 3 or 4 jubokko users just firing them off at people near and far. its far to annoying to deal with them because of the long reach and damage.

  • spawn kills. far to many times i have spawned in only to be hit by a jubokko and killed before i even get the chance to get a shot off. or i get hit by a heather or mandrake volley and get killed yet again. or some guy in a melee build rams me as soon as i spawn in and insta kill me… seriously how is that fair? you cant give us a few seconds of invulnerability?

  • leviathans can 1 shot you depending on the build. theres that one build with the 4 twin wheels and no matter what if you even touch those wheels it will break off all your stuff and insta kill you. meanwhile other builds you cam mash your face between their wheels and smell that burning rubber but it wont harm you at all… logic!

  • some leviathans are to easy to kill. seriously i want to shoot a beefy leviathan, i want to see armor fall off it. i want to fire a shot at a biiiiiiiiiig leviathan and watch it crumble to pieces when i hit it… not that i dont crumble everything i touch xD

  • some weapons seem to put perform others. sorry but some weapons just seem better then others. maybe add more variety? idk it just seems to me that some weapons under perform. opinions on this?

  • some respawns give you bad respawns. i seen tons of people on the other team with melee builds and whatnot but i at times would never get a melee build or anything good to use. or rather anything useful to me.

any thoughts on this? anything tick you guys off about this mode?

dont get me wrong, i like this mode and it can be fun. its just a few things just get to me about it. i wish this mode was permanent. but maybe i can come up with an alternate mode people may enjoy…

spawning right behind your own leviathan should be changed. Should be separate spawn points out of the levi pathings.

There is great variety for weapons, they are all viable in this mode, you get 5 choices to pick what you want to do.

Im kind of 50/50 on jobokus (sp?). yeah, kind of annoying, but easy to avoid mostly. (the weapons have such distance in this mode)

i also want to add to that there have been times where i spawned in and the match is over before i get to do anything, particularly on the doughnut map. because often times my team mates or the enemies will lodge themselves under the leviathan and yeet the thing off the map resulting in an instant win / loss and since i just spawned in i get nothing.

yeah but sometimes i get garbage ones like constantly get cannons. also i feel the mastodon is a bit useless in this mode because if you do the charge attack only 1 shell hits and the other just flies off because of the recoil. so its either charge shot to get the overheat or just shoot a single shell uncharged.

yeah but the reach on them is ridiculous… not to mention that they pull your drone in to. its subtle but if your slowed down its noticeable and can often times lead to you getting killed.

I agree on a few points. But if that makes you feel better, Jub spammers are frustrating to play against, but they usually lose the game because they fail to understand that defending isn’t an objective and leads nowhere fast.


I LOVE THE CANNONS for taking on the leviathans. I can attest to taking down more than 50 percent of its health just using cannons by myself.

the key is hit few drones then focus the rest of fight on the levi.

part that frustrates me is the fools that only go after other drones and ignores the levi boss losing the battle as result. along with any benefit of hitting the other drones they wasted all their time doing.

Those “'fools” probably just want to feel the new content of the drone apocalypse, not try to win the game

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The first week I played this, I really sucked, until I realized that certain weapons call for different tactics. If I get cannons/scorps/rockets et. al., I play offensive and focus the enemy levi. If I get machine guns, autocannons, etc., I switch to defensive play and defend my levy. I may switch between offense and defense half a dozen times or more in a battle, but my success rate has improved dramatically.

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Use Yuki Co-driver for slowing effect reduction.

what? co-drivers effect your drone that your controlling? that cant be true can it?

i dont mind cannons but i feel the mastodon was a bad weapon to use in this mode.
i also feel that enemy targeting is a bit broken, like they have tracking on them. an example of this is im aiming dead on them with a scorpion and somehow i miss, yet they hit me with a massive volley of imp fire and deal a ton of damage to me. i feel the aiming is a bit rigged on that. scorpions are supposed to be stupid accurate but i somehow missed when i was aiming right at them…
if i get machine guns like the reaper, imp or even a autocannon like the cyclone i focus on the levi.
for things like melee i ALWAYS focus on the wheels. take out the wheels and its a sitting duck. my favorite to use is “can opener” heh i love the name on that one to :rofl:
i thought the one for the clarinet tow would be bad but honestly its so good for framing hard to hit levis. what i mean is theres a levi like the starter car and its pretty hard to hit the frame but with the tow if i can survive and hit it a few times in the same spot i can frame it, taking out the wheels and making it easier for my team to catch up to it and deal damage. the only ones i dont like are the stupidly fast levis. i honestly think those levis are made to just drag out the match. in pretty much ever match i been in we never got the super fast levis below 70% health. same on the enemy team. its just a timer at that point. you cant even keep up with it on the melee builds and they have boosters.

i been in so many matches and won so many to. the only problem is the jubokko players. sometimes there will be like 3 - 5 jubokkos on 1 side and its just a pissing match at that point.

as stated above the one thing that bugs me is the jubokkos. its so irritating to spawn in only to be killed by a jubokko or your trying to attack a levi only to have some idiots spam launching jubokkos… seriously i seen like 8 jubokkos in some matches before on the ground killing anyone comming near so were forced to use range, but even that doesnt help cause theyll then team up and launch a bunch of jubokkos at you.

They changed the wheel mechanics on the PSN can no longer damage them. been running into them with laccerators no damage now. since it was patch updated on PSN. and even shoot wheels with cannons etc NO GOOD. running into wheels from side with mally build. usually die now.

can still damage the bigram legs though.

A couple levis with big wheels have indestructible ones. Others are fine.

You can always deframe them tho