Drones are kind of useless

gonna be honest, drones are pretty useless. i cant run them in pve like raids due to the ai literally always focusing them the instant they hit the ground. its so frustrating seeing my drones get killed the instant they come out of the deployment container. it makes them completely worthless because they cant defend you properly or attack properly. i have tested this and anytime the drone comes within sight of an enemy its instantly destroyed / targeted even if other team mates are around. it seems drones have a major priority on them for AI vehicles to target them and this is really awful.

my test
i throw out a yaoguai in a crowd and its instantly targeted and destroyed.
i throw out a yaoguai with a single enemy around and its instantly targeted and destroyed.
i throw out a yaoguai with 2 vultures and they all are inatantly targeted and being shot at.
i throw out some turret drones and they are instantly targeted.
i throw out 2 jubokko’s and they are also instantly targeted even if they are fighting another ally.
i throw out 2 jubokko’s and a kapkan and they again are instantly targeted.
i throw out a cobra / python / anaconda and the results are the same. all targeted and destroyed instantly. though the anaconda i notice at times can be a bit random. sometimes enemies target it and others not. if enemies are far away its tracking allows it to home in and not be seen and it can stay its full duration.
flying drones are also instantly targeted the moment they come out of the drone holder.
i havent tried the sidekicks yet but i imagine they are the same. though i did come across a grenadier user in pve raids and while the enemies did target them the wheel drones have a more versatile way of dealing damage. they move where as most of the other drones stay still.
fuzes can also be targeted instantly to right out of the box, though for them you have to be sneaky. you have to learn how to run fuzes and use them effectively.

so my question is… what is the point of drones if they are so worthless they are practically unusable?
whats the most useful drone out there that does damage?
and what do you all think about this?

i myself love drones, i wish drones could be more versatile to. but sadly they are pretty much useless.

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If nothing else it sounds like they’re good for drawing enemy fire.


Why would you even try using drones in PVE?
Some drones are still quite useful in PVP (Yaoguai and Vulture), and the wheeled drones seem to be performing better than they have for a while (if you use the codriver).
Turrets and normal flying drones don’t perform great, but I would argue that a skilled turret player can still provide some decent support for their team.

for a change of pace? im getting bored running the same weapons in pve all the time. i want to run drones now and then because i like them. i dont do pvp cause i dont like it.

for me, the only reason to use drones is to take advantage of The Calls perk of added resist to damage and added power. Cover the rig in as much passive melee as possible, drop the drones out of the way and go full bore into the fray, melee it up, do as much damage as possible before the drones pop. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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I can’t imagine preferring PVE to PVP, but diversity is good!

It’s good that someone enjoys them!

Personally, I would recommend trying those Therm ACs in raids. Their explosive shots make quick work of most raiders.

Drones need a buff, all weapons should be viable.

i quit doing pvp cause it was repetitive to me. i was tired of comming across the same uninspired, cheap, in your face shotgun builds i kept running across. plus the only things i do in terms of pvp nowadays is events.

personally i like the joule more. i have 1 joule and im planning on buying 2 more. they are really good and during the christmas event i believe it was last year i really seen how good they were. i enjoy them and want to get more for pve.

YES… FRIGGEN… PLEASE! the only reason drones got a nerf was due to the complaints with the grenadiers and annihilators. if it werent for those 2 drones everything wouldve been fine. i was super sad cause it nerfed my fuze drones. (i did used to run pvp now and then and id use fuze drones ALOT. they were so good.)

i like the call. i ran a call before with 2 grenadiers (before the nerf) and the goliaths… well needless to say i could take down about 3 - 4 people before going down. it was so powerful.
like i said above though i used to run fuze drones on a harpy that was a glass cannon build. i couldnt take hits (especially from cannons, if they hit me in the right spot i was done) but i could deal ALOT of damage. i would watch my drones just melt these giant brick builds. watching just huge chunks of their armor fall off as my drones exploded on them.
i plan on getting my fuzes back and overtime fusing them to make them better. as for now im getting 2 hermes boosters for adventure mode so i can just speed through the place and get quests done faster. im carefully saving up scrap and only use a certain amount before stopping. (wont go below 20k scrap).

Whenever I get bored of PVP, I change to another PS range.

on consoles*

Yaoguai is stupidly strong rn on PC

Then reduce this one a little, then raise the rest to this level.

I wouldn’t know about Yaoguai, they would get stomped at high PS (14k+) I don’t play low and mid PS

I’m just the opposite.
I run a drone build for a change of pace, when i need something different.
I have two builds one with 4 flying drones (i use it when i need to beat another build like mine)
and the other with 3 flying drones and a turret.
I do PVE and PVP with both but the later i use it more in PVP unless there’s another build like mine in the other team.
The way i go about it it’s offering three different targets to the other guy or stay in support when i’m not the main focus when facing SGs and MGs builds.
Bots can be harder than real players, general speaking bots target the drones and have laser accurate aim (especially the ones using lasers). In PVP you still could get some players that tunnel vision on your build and not on your drones.

Here, do you want to see something crazy?


We are very different creatures. I’m a pure PvP player.

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all weapons are useless if you don’t practice tactics with them. I call this one “Pincer Attack”

Is the video recent?
Those sidekicks are yours?

They don’t seem to be staring at walls, they seem quite fast to react.

The sidekicks do belong to me and they’re fused for Activation Speed.

I didn’t know that but i just tried in my garage and my hawks targeted what they wanted.
Does the type of radar has influence?

About fusing.

Is drone fusing a strait forward thing as modules are or a hit and miss like cabin fusing?

okay, im an idiot. edited my previous comment. After some testing, you gotta break the drones target lock first by pulling away from the target, THEN, fix your cross hairs on someone else. then they change targets.

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