Drops to the garage after 2 minutes of battle

As in the title, exactly after two minutes of the match (raid or pvp) it kicks me to the garage. For 2 minutes the ping is at 50ms exactly after two minutes the ping jumps to 100-160 and packet loss increases to 100%.
I tried everything I came up with, reinstalling the game, deleting logs, turning off background applications including antivirus, nothing helps.

Have you tried adjusting your region?

First thing I tried

There’s little things you could check network wise but if they were acting up you’d probably be having issues outside the game too. Like updating network drivers, restarting routers and any switches between you and the router. Check for firmware updates on the router too. If your playing wireless try plugging in direct to the modem if you can see if that changes the ping issue…

I think that high ping and loss of 100% of the packet is the result of bad work - and here’s the question of what? The strange thing is that every second packet loss occurs exactly after two minutes. I play on cable. I checked the ports the game is using. I checked the firewall. I have disabled antivirus and all programs running in the background. I disconnected all devices from the router. I changed the ip of the router, computer, ISP even changed the ip of the modem. Nothing helps. always the same end result

I normally don’t blame the client because there would be scores of people with the same exact issue if it was. Normally there’s a small handful for a server or two every now and then. It is strange that it happens post 2 minutes but that could be from bandwidth issues among other things. I would really check the network cables, if you have spares swap them out. I would also try a few different ports on the router as well. Just to really finish ruling things out.

I’ve seen suggestions of things to check saying port forwarding the ports the game uses in the router to your computer as well as trying to put your computer in the DMZ zone on the router temporarily just to check to see if it’s a problem in the forwarding and rules.

You can check the test network on the client to see if there’s losses somewhere in the servers between you and the game servers. It’s hard to get any of that fixed beyond looking up the individual server that is dropping the packets and informing them of it. If you want to get your logs together @1914000 can probably help you go over them to see exactly where the loss if occurring down the chain.

You can also put in a normal support ticket too: