Dude Change the Title Before Upload

When the realize there’s a number of angles they can’t shoot at or hit them at all from.

Leave Sector Ex alone it’s a good map >:C

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Imagine tsunami recoil! :joy:

i just imagine when they shoot it the bullet stays hovering in mid air for a few seconds where the cannon was and the vehicle goes flying in the other direction xD

judging by the look of it though its lifting a pretty light weight car. so if i had to guess it will not work with medium to heavy cabins and is something exclusive to light cabins. i wouldnt doubt it would be a new brawl or something. though i think having helicopter blades would be pretty fun. though it would mean that the vehicle has to be lighter then a certain weight to stay in the air. heavy cabins and whatnot wouldnt be able to use that due to how heavy they are. do you think im right here?

‘This looks like a job for’…

Welp I am ready for the blades, this thing is set up for the worst case being that it is just an up and down and costs energy. literally I set this thing up so if it costs upto 4 energy it can still fly.


Or they make it to suck money out of people and make it so you can add multiple to the same build.

We might have builds that look like 4 bladed drones.

according to the leaks and model location it is an engine with a 1 limit.


Ah, that’s smart. Then people can’t add colossus engine.

Now we don’t have to worry about it at all :slight_smile:

On one hand I’m glad this will not be added to normal PvP.

Then on the other hand it pisses me off that they are adding another stupid brawl…

Yeah, and it’s been what… 5 years since the last engine? 5 years of content in a car crafting game, and not a single new engine? :rofl:

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imagine a leviathan with like 10 or 15 of those on it xD
flying leviathans everywhere!! xD
but as predicted it was a brawl only part.