Dumb cannon idea

A cannon, but the shell travels instantly and with no bullet drop.

What cannons really should be in this game.

I don’t know, something similar to the median, I guess?

Not serious, but something dumb that came to mind that I wanted to share with you guys.


A hitscan cannon would need to have some really awful stats to justify being hitscan… that’s why most hitscan are bullet damage and not explosive damage like Astraeus, Scorpion and Median.

median isn’t explosive, its AP

That’s what I said

I though you were saying they are explosive, I read that wrong…

To be fair it’s not worded too well

There was such a weapon. It was called the Parser. When it came out, it was the most disgusting, jaw dropping, and trollish weapon that ever existed. Then they nerfed it 10 times. It is still pretty good.

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In reality Athena is the closest thing we have, it’s hitscan and has an explosive element


Nagual isn’t hitscan, but has very little bullet drop and fairly fast projectiles, and does explosive damage, and hurts the important things more thanks to the perk.
But, you need to run three to do decent damage, which makes it difficult to make work at higher PS.

Still, it’s a fun option if you want a long range gun without a charging mechanic.

Thyrsus is also pretty close, but I don’t think it does any explosive damage.

Your idea is not dumb at all LockmahnYT,
It is more close to reality than the crazy crossout physics the devs give us.
A cannon many times bigger than a normal firearm has a greater power and projectile speed.
Yet in crossout it seems to be reversed, the smaller your projectile, the faster it seems to be.
The devs really live in fantasy land and need to update their game to make more common sense.

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Only reason I think they don’t do this is because of cannon bots…