EArly game item concepts

Right now the bulk of the game is focused on late game high PS stuff this is good but also leads to a problem where new players don’t know or are having to learn the hard way about more complex systems in the late game. As a result well moving from rare/special tier to epic has a skill gap that cause more then a few people to quit.

For this reason I would suggest adding some weapons and movement parts that use these later game mechanics to help each them.

--------------------- WEAPONS ---------------------

RPG rack

rarity: common
power cost: 4
ammo: 10
info: a rack of 4 RPGs, strapped to a basic launching system.

gameplay roll: giving an intro into course rockets.

90mm mortar (needs better name)

rarity: rare
power cost: 7
ammo: 12
info: a single 360 aim mortar with artillery aiming systems

gameplay roll: intro to artillery gameplay, moderate damage and accurate but no perk.

150mm mortar (needs better name)

rarity: special
power cost: 7
ammo: 10
info: a single 240 degree aim mortar with artillery aiming systems and a perk

perk: impacts with ground leave fire puddles.

gameplay roll: eases players into the upcoming incendiary launcher and mandrake.

-------------- Movement parts --------------

Skeletal walker

rarity: rare
info: a basic walker leg to intro players into movement with stafing has a max speed of 75

Ravager legs

rarity: special
info: a basic walker leg to bring people in for the m200 or bigrams, has a max speed of 65

perk: self repair systems, legs regenerate 1 HP per second, (have 300 HP)

------------- modules -------------


rarity: common
info: boosts weapon reloading by 5%

reason: intro to the reload boosters.

Radar sweeper

rarity: rare
info: a small maxwell/doppler with out the energy cost, gives 70m of radar detection range.


rarity: rare
info: has 2 pins on each side, combines the health of the parts on both side but if one is destroyed both are destroyed. can not link to cabs.

note: just a random defense module idea.


Non sense for me, few of this things already exist and other are not necesary because you will not have enought energy to build it at low score.

Sort of the point the 7 energy artillery weapons gets them ready for the fact that not all weapons are have 3 or 4 of them.

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