Earn 1200 points in a single battle

what?! why is this a challenge? thats a ridiculous amount of points to score in 1 match, is it possible? yes… but thatll take you a long time!


are you shitposting or are you shitposting

I used to be able to do it with Incinerators… used to.

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are you going to be an ass or are you going to take this topic seriously?

i actually managed to do it with jotuns, it just took a bit. i had to get the proper map for them to bunch up so my jotuns can do their magic. direct hits also really helped but damn man… i mean 1200 points isnt impossible but still.

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1200 points of what?

its one of the challenges in the battle pass. “earn 1200 points in a single battle in missions or brawls”. its kinda hard to earn that much if your not running a proper setup or weapons. i mean its doable but itll take a bit of work on your end and a bit of luck.

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Sounds like those point seem important the way you present it.

is there any reason i would take a topic seriously where someone is mad that 1) the “challenge” is too hard (dont even remember the last game where i got less than 1200 points) and 2) the “challenge” is actually challenging, like it is in the name

Be aggressive, very aggressive, extremely aggressive… and lucky and don’t be mindless, aggressive with at least a outline of a plan, eventually it will gave fruits, don’t think about the challenge.

Play the objectives and shoot a lot.

If i can do it with drones…

Strap on 12 boom booms and some 2ndary melee weps and go to town!

This kinda build gets me good scores.

1200 is easy i get that with retchers all the time, so im just guessing its just brain problems lol

maybe it just seems like a high number to me. i usually score around 700 to 1200 depending on the weapon i use. i use mediocre weapons now and then so i guess that might be it. that or i just get bad luck. i use the jotun alot and while its not like the incinerator i CAN get a good round where the enemies all bunch up and i can get a ton of damage off them. one round i got a 2000+ score just because the enemies were dumb lol. i guess it just came down to luck. :woozy_face:

i never said i was mad. like i stated above i guess it just seemed like it was to high of a number. i got past it with a bit of luck. well… i dont know if i call the enemies bunching up in the middle of a capture point luck since its like shooting fish in a barrel… the jotun makes quick work of them and it helps me score pretty well. the one that did it for me was i scored 2000+ points just cause the enemies were dumb lol.

I cheesed it with a brawl

But yeah it can be challenging, especially for non-meta players, and especially if there is any meta on the same team. Those just vacuum up all the points no matter what you do, I sometimes do much better with a build I got mvp 2200 scores last match in my own opinion (more pops, kills and general destruction in this match) and end up with 600 points because something like a hammerfall brick just powerhoused the whole enemy team and got 1800 mvp or something

The amount of points per match are limited, and if someone yoinks them from you like the insert current meta usually does, you’re out of luck. This challenge is easymode for anyone running meta guns, who always get automatic 1800 or so points per match out of simply running something like a hammerfall brick while a struggle for anyone playing the not so great guns. Still doable, but annoying

I’d still take 10 of these challenges over any helicopter mode challenges spits on helicopter modes

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i run a 26,000 ps tank with retchers, dont need meta to get 1200 points, plus do raids still counts for challenge

26,000 ps? Why not 45,000 ps noob?

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actually for an actual working battle machine max ps is about 29,000 thats with running relics but just throwing high ps stuff together that is just for oh look how much ps i hit sure 45,000 to like 55,000 but useless in battle lol

how are the wait times at 55k PS?


Raids do not count for the 1,200. The brawls are a distraction from grinding PVP and not worth my time.
I agree with OP, but I got the 1,200 and MVP with 4 Cobras so I also disagree. Am I insane?

their pretty fast less then a minute wait

This challenge is specific on missions and brawls, not completable in raids