Earning Coins at low level

Hey there, I just started playing, reached lvl 17 with Engineers. So, about the earning coins part, for now I’m just doing medium raids for plastic. I usually play for around an hour or two. On average I’m earning like 30 coins a day in profit. So, is there a better way?

Also, what should I buy first? Around 300-400 coins.

Not really if you want to enjoy the game at all, I myself average around 100 coins per week from selling wires, and sometimes get to get a badge crate because I had the great luck of being in a somewhat active clan where my absolutely minimal input (I hate playing confrontation mode not fun at all) is good enough for all the hardcore players

If you really want to max out coins you’ll have to play this game to a religious level, pump in money, get premium so you get free 40 coins per day and extra rewards, play unfun raids, be in a clan, play unfun confrontation, grind and grind and grind and sell

Do not bother with crafting, sell all resources, buy all parts off of the market, usually it’s cheaper that way, never buy right away, leave in a low offer to hang around and raise it little by little if you haven’t gotten the part in a few days.


Flip items on the market between matches and when not playing while eating and watching tv, buy items that are in sale in packs then resale at end of sales event. I found weapons and movement parts have best turnover but paint and decor has some of the best profit. Good luck wastelander

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While plastic raids can be profitable, focusing too much on raids can burn you out (unless you prefer PVE). It also won’t help you learn how to build and play as much.

If you want to maximize your grind without playing a lot of PVE, here are my recommendations:

  • Do those daily challenges first. I currently do them quickly in scrap patrol, which also helps you complete the weekly solo scrap battle challenges

  • Do as many of the weekly solo challenges as possible. It is hard to complete them all, so focus your energy on the more enjoyable and/or easily completed ones.

  • Get in a clan to get some bonus badges from those challenges

  • Use your badges wisely. If you are a new player, you may want to initially use them for structure parts. The pass through parts are especially useful. After you have the structure parts you want, use the market to determine what the most profitable thing to exchange them for. Currently on PS4, I usually get the best rate if I exchange them for batteries, but always check first.

  • the scrap and copper you accumulate might be best used for crafting rare parts. I usually make whatever rare wheels are currently priced higher, or sometimes repair kits give a good payout. To make sure crafting is actually the profitable choice, work out how much coin you could get from selling the resources (minus tax) and compare that to what the item is going for (remember to include crafting fees in your expenses).

  • You don’t need a lot of coin to start playing the market. Look for items that are popular and that have a big percentage gap between the buying and selling prices. Doesn’t matter if the items themselves are cheap, as it’s the spread you are profiting from. Place as many buy bids as you can for items with a big spread. Flip the ones you manage to buy. Use those profits to buy more bargains. Don’t get caught up in adjusting your bid by a penny: it’s better to make a little less profit more often. It’s also less effort, so you can spend more time playing.

  • Higher rarity items sell less often, so you can end up stuck with expensive items no one wants to buy at that price. Less risk with lower rarity items.

'first…what are you on? PC or Console?

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Grind scrap in the pvp missions and sell it by the thousands on the market, its the most profitable resource for your time invested, if you reach the weekly limit then goto wires.
Also you can grind fuel in pvp missions and sell it on the market, equip 1 large and 1 small fuel tank, and hide it somewhere safe on your car, like on the underside or at the back.

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I’m surprised no one mentioned this yet.

The market on PC is a pretty rough way to score, but right now the Icebox is a good deal. If you can swing it for under 1K, and you probably can…get it while it lasts.

I bought one with my F2P account to flip for cheap like this, and I eventually did (at twice the price) to get a Catalina, but it was hard to sell, because I liked the cab. So, buyer beware. You can make a good profit off of it, if you sell it (having bought it at the current prices on PC), but you might end up liking it too and wanting to keep it.

I just bought one for my P2P account, because I like it, and it’s cheap…and if I ever get sick of it, I can very likely sell it for a nice profit…

Good luck with the market, if you’re on PC. Pooney4u’s advice is good (covers most all of it), regardless of your platform, but don’t expect flattering results on PC. I think flipping pack cabs when they are on sale in the store is the way to go, but it takes months of patience. Other than that, the market isn’t a very good source of coins on PC.

Paints and decor is a different animal on PC too, I think. The market corridors on PC cancel a lot of the potential there, and it’s a good way to loose yer ass. It used to be better.

Get a gas tank or two, and craft only stuff you have coupons for, is all I can really add (if you’re on PC)…and that Icebox. Get’em while they’re hot.

It should go down in price soon the Christmas sale for it isn’t up yet.

Edit ( round about the 15th )

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I think it is? I just bought one for under 850 coin. Last time I sold one, I sold it for 1.8K.

I could swear that pack is on sale, at least for PC…I just looked? Now, I’m going to go fact check myass…brb…

…ya it is, but not for long, and only with sucker tokens (Crosscrowns).

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lol didn’t notice it last night but I was off for a few days… I use to get like two of those each year if I could and hold them to sell them much later.

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My advice would be try to learn the price curbs and event roll out dates and just keep them in mind for speculating on the pricing. You’ll mess up a few times regardless but just try not to get frustrated too much while doing it. The prices for resources also flux every day and it’s a good thing to keep an eye on.

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It’s a good deal, I think. I was able to grind my way into one with my F2P account (Rex) and thereby grind my way into a Catalina down the road (when it went on sale).

I think 850 coin is an reasonably achievable grind on a F2P account (because I did it and I suck), and the profit was pretty phat for me.

The Torero is also on sale, but I’d be surprised to see the price dip under 1K, and that is a tougher grind, but if it does, I’d suggest buying it instead. It’s a better cab, and you’ll very likely and wisely want to keep it, but if you did sell it, the profit would be a similar margin (slightly less, I’d guess).

Both are good deals right now, but I went with the Icebox, myself…it’s Christmas.

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Work in reality and then spend money in the game :wink:


Yes that also works lol

Don’t sell every day. Play the build you like until you master it. When you are MVP’ing a lot, sell what you’ve built up. Check before you sell your materials if there isn’t something to craft that sells for more profit (remember the coin cost for crafting). Sometimes theres an extra 100 coin there to be had because you pressed a few buttons.

If you play anything that heats up, purple radiator should be first purchase. It will make all your guns that heat up better.

If you play reloading stuff, make sure you have the reloading module. the lower tier one is nearly as powerful as the purple, for less cost and less power score.

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This is good advice, I sometimes short sell stuff and undercut my profits by significant amounts.