Easter egg reference?

I may be slow, or it’s just a coincidence. But after watching a show. I noticed a fender part is named “Peaky Blinder” and
has a very hinting description too. The release date of the show and when the part appeared in game match. Tell me i’m not wrong lol.

What show is it exactly? There’s a show with that name, but not sure it’s the one you’re talking about. It also was a street gang in england from 1880s-1910s, and the game fender is a hot rod part and hot rods comes from the '10s-'30s.
Another thing; the gang seemed to hide razor blades in their caps to headbutt enemies with it and the fender does look like a cap to an extent.

That’s quite an interesting can of worms you opened there lol.

The show is called Peaky Blinders, and it’s basically exactly what you described. Except in the show they start after the first worls war in the 20’s. Where most cars would look like the harpy cabin or the building parts that come with it.

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I love that show. I need to get caught up on it, I’m several years behind. I’m glad you brought it up.

Rumor has it those kids would put razors in their caps and smack ya with’em. I think it’s just old slang for sneaky drunk hoodlum with his cap pulled down tight, and a reputation for hitting first.

I like the reference, and I can’t think of another reason for it to be named that. They sort of do look like their caps, don’t they?

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I was thinking it’s more because of the cars. And nice gif!