Easter event

I was hoping for another Easter event this year. Perhaps I’m too early? Hopefully there is one coming, I like hunting for the eggs.


I’ve already found most of the Easter Eggs…
…but I don’t know how I did it, exactly. I haven’t actually seen any, but this pop-up appears beneath the other pop-ups when I log on to the game, and then it disappears. It seems to be an odd bug.
I’d like to find the remaining three. I wonder what I might win?

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Yeah, I have found all of the current ones. I am just being greedy and want more to find. :grimacing:

you caught 21 the last years. :wink:

I wonder how am I going to find al eggs in a Syndicate garage?

In the news notes they said there would be something for those who already did the Easter event last year.

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I think you can just temporary switch your garage to the regular one and follow a guide that will most-likely appear soon after the event is launched.
Or you can just search by yourself on your syndicate garage like a man !
In both case you can grab a spark build on exhibition and spam it around the garage.

Should work, yeah. Anyhow, the event need to be enabled first.

Where did it say that?

Here’s what i was talking about. It was in the Drone event news.
Reading it back now it seems it doesn’t guarantee us anything if we’ve already done it before but it also seems to be leaning towards us getting something. Why would they mention it if not. I guess we will see…

Thank you. I missed that somehow. Well, then get out there and find those eggs!:egg::hatching_chick::rabbit2:

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When the Easter Event does start with a new PVP/PVE mode hopefully the rewards aren’t random like the Drone rewards were, as I was lucky enough to get all the rewards and only two duplicates, imagine being the person who only got a few of the rewards and repeats of them! Didn’t help it was one crate per day too!


My wish came true!

Happy hunting!!!

Sucks the hologram is temporary :confused:

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It’ll be a reward next year LOL

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