* Easter in Crossout 3/29/2024 + (All 8 EGG Locations)

Easter in Crossout


The traditional Easter rush is back! Until April 7 inclusive, you can find all the Easter eggs hidden in your garages and get unique rewards for the “Easter bunny” medals (if you haven’t received these medals before).

Finding hidden Easter eggs is available to all players without exception (even if they have found them before). In order to get the “Easter bunny” medals, you need to find all the hidden eggs: the progress from old events is not taken into account.

There will also be a chain of special challenges available for everyone to complete, and for completing each of them you will receive commemorative rewards, including the highly anticipated permanent hologram “Ears”!

  • Find and break 8 Easter eggs in the garage. Reward: “Easter egg”.
  • Win 12 battles in PvP missions with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: paint “Easter red”.
  • Destroy the 10 “Ears” holograms on enemy cars, while having the same hologram on your own car. Reward: permanent hologram “Ears”.

Attention! Each challenge can be completed only once. The event will last until April 7 inclusive!



Oh good they listened to the complaints from last year asking why couldn’t we keep them.


Um…ahem…in my generation, men did not walk around wearing bunny ears. :unamused:


It’s nice that they made the ears permanent, but I just hate that it’s locked behind one of those pain in the behind super specific things you need to do. Unless you run the current meta bulsh1ttery that hands you out wins and destroyed enemies without much need to put any effort into anything

i think i found more then 8 eggs hidden around in the garage. i found another one apart from your pics listed there mud

i believe it was slightly to the right of this standing on a piece of wood structure sticking up. its to the right of this by a apartment building not to far away, to the right of that is a… what looks to be a support for a watch tower with some thick cables going to the top of it. its not to tall but its still there and you can see it.

There’s 24, made a video this morning

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but is 10 eggs i found not 8. i just said i found all the eggs,i dont know why they had 10 eggs, maybe to make it easier to get/i already did the last event .

we all who completed that event only need to find 8 eggs for this one…
happy hunting!

There’s an egg inside the small shed when you first exit your garage. Shoot through the open doorway.