Easter in Crossout no Easter eggs

Are there Easter in Crossout in 2023. If not ,it’s unfortunate if a nice easter egg tradition ends. I know this is a small thing but this shows how committed the developers are to the development of the game, taking into account the players.

No easter eggs = game is only for milking money from players.

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If only that was the sole reason…

Biden made eggs expensive,so we need a potato hunt :crazy_face:


I have not looked for them yet.

But I think last year they where bugged so if anyone had done it before you couldn’t do it again.

I’m pretty sure I was not able to do the event last year. but I’m old :slight_smile: lol - so who knows.

Yep, it’s today actually!

None for me either. Checked my profile under Medals-Special Events and it shows I’ve already reached Easter Bunny IV level so no more eggs for us :frowning:

Bit of a mood breaker, though.

I think the reward was just 3 destructible eggs for the garage range, no biggie.


Lol, yeah.

But I want a dozen eggs :wink:

if you completed the event,that’s it…these are the rewards…
and it wasn’t bug,you could only get 22/24 and had to wait till next Easter…



You can still do this stuff and get some things…

  • Finish 2 battles with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.
  • Deal 2500 damage with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: 80 Engineer badges.
  • Destroy or help destroy 10 enemies with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: “Harey business” sticker.
  • Win 2 battles with the “Ears” hologram mounted. Reward: “Strategic reserve” container.
  • Destroy the hologram “Ears” on enemy cars while having the same hologram on your own car. Reward: new paint “Easter red”

Not a bug, intentional, if you did it the first year you can’t do it any follow up years. This is do to the rewards being picture and banners.