Easy anti cheat launcher error

Hello to all,

I have an issue with easy anti cheat '- launcher not started error. I tried to repair it, reinstalled the game, but still have an issue. It started happening after latest update (never happened before that).

Thanks in advance.

There’s a page listed here for EAC trouble shooting. I’m not sure if your getting the same error code though.
#Erreur code 23 - #2 by 63771550

I used to have the same issue back then, for me it was running Spotify at the same time that caused it, never knew why. I know some other softwares can do similar though, like anti-virus and etc. Just turn them off one by one till you narow down which causes the issue. (That’s how I found mine.)


thanks for replying, Ill try to find a reason for issue - wasnt successful still :frowning:

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Try the support on here too for EAC since it’s made by epic and has it’s own site:

try looking at the old forum,a mod posted stuff there on issues like this i think.

Thanks for help guys, still no luck - I wrote to both their technical support and Gaijin’s - hopefully somebody will answer at some point.

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If you already did some of their trouble shooting tips like using system file checker you could go the step past that and use DISM How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central Which checks for corruption of the disk image that sfc checks against and tries to repair it if it finds any.

I still use windows 7, hate windows 10.

Unfortunately, Win7 doesn’t have that tool in full.