Echo Narwhal?

Has anyone tried these? There’s only 2 on the PC exhibition a dual and a single with a tsunami. Figured I’d ask.

Once I get the lighters, I’m going for two fused narwhals (the BP ones are fused for reload). I have a fused flywheel and a carapace, no echo yet, but I can get one soon. I’ll update when I’ve got it.

I am surprised I don’t see any 1 narwhal + 1 any other cannon combos in the exhibition, would be cool to test out if the freezing effect from the narwhal can be taken advantage of with another cannon, as freezing itself should weaken the build (but the effect does not seem that good at least currently)

I have an unfused carapace and got fairly use to the reload perk using them with fatman. So of course I grabbed an echo thinking maybe I’d use it with the narwhals picking up some extra reload that I’d be losing from switching from the fatman. The size of the echo cab I’m finding kind of awkward to build around though, I don’t have the narwhals to mount either yet. Unlike the carapace it doesn’t really allow you to hide much under it. So I’ve been scratching my head over how I want to hide and protect stuff on the smaller cab footprint.

I spotted the one I mentioned in the first post. It does look like dmg goes up the more the parts are frozen even if your hitting with a different cannon. I’m just not sure if it’s practical to reduce the freezing rate by only using one though.

Yeah I tried it out too now, the freezing effect as itself is really lackluster, based on these results I’d just run either 2 narwhals or tsunamis rather than one of each

Does fusing a cab upgrade it’s perk?

Nothing for the perk.