Efficiency modifier for high ps on guns

So there are a lot of weapons that are held back by the fact that if they get buffed, they’ll be used to seal club in lower ps, but at the same time making any kind of a build for higher ps that isn’t just bare bones is impossible because they can’t perform good enough, in most of the cases. Kaiju for an example.

So I had an idea, what if weapons get a boost, not a huge one but still a boost, when used beyond a certain ps. If you have only epic weapons and your build goes over 10000 PS, they do X% more damage

If you are using legendaries and the build goes over 12000 PS they do X% more damage

It is an idea to buff weapons that need buffing cough all 11-12 energy legendary weapons end cough but would be used to seal club in low ps if the were to be flat out buffed

Then again the devs also put Athena bots at 7000 PS so them saying they can’t buff something because it would lead to seal clubbing feels kind of a moot point honestly, but it would be cool if Kaiju and Avalanche monsters at 13000PS and beyond had a bit more of a fighting chance and using those guns efficiently did not mean making the most bare glass cannon build imaginable at 9000PS with none of the modules and parts and decor you want to use