Egg hunt error of Crossout: Emmanuel Katto Uganda

Hello all, my name is Emmanuel Katto hailing from Uganda. I wanted to ask how to fix Egg hunt error of Crossout?

Egg hunt is normally in April near Easter. That would be your main issue.

you need boil them first

More utterly bizarre Crossout Forum discourse. There also appears to either be a Vulcan diplomat or another A.I. making posts on a different thread.

It seems a bit sinister to me, for artificial intelligence to be infiltrating human discourse covertly, pretending to be just another person.

Welcome to dystopia?

I actually find the vanilla distillation of the conversation it did there oddly comfortable to read, and refreshing to see such lucid and concise commentary…but that’s some wierd schit, and I am still struggling with my paradigm because of it.

Where am I, and how the hell did I get here?

I was thinking it might be an ai gen text thing but I didn’t want to be rude so I answered anyway…

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