Damage update is biggest wrong thing in Crossout history!

There should be way retchers builds bots on bigger PS for example after 15k PS or delete them from PVE and community will be more happy. Or another way Different stats of weapons for PVE and PVP (because it seem bots haven´t penalties from reduces patches)

Crossout’s new damage upgrade is a huge blunder in the game’s history. It has entirely thrown off the game’s balance and fun. It feels like a step back rather than forward, which frustrates both seasoned and new gamers. The developers must review and solve these concerns as soon as possible.Fm whatsapp

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Screen(spaced) armor hover cry.

Balance is better, more weapons are viable to play(i see even more lower tier weapons too), and more build diversity possible. Earlier there were only single builds viable to play, now there are much more, using more variant of weapons and cabins.

You - Zero arguments - i hate it, just “its bad because i cry”. Use Arguments…

You heard it here first, cannons and scorps do not take skill.

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They take shells and energy to use!

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LOL… the things people type unironically.

Cannons probably take more skill to be successful with than anything else in the game except for bots/turrets.


No. Turning/aiming combo (ez mode)+ aim assist bro. There isn’t much skill involved at all unless you want to include it.

This. Most everything put on wheels is better.

Mine kinda all turned out buffed. They are almost all wheeled builds. (I only play blockchains and nothungs on hovers atm). They are so much FUN again to zip around in.

Why would you use aim assist with cannons? Would only be useful at close range, as it impairs your ability to compensate for bullet drop.

Your sights do not have to be on the target for aim assist to “assist” you in hitting the target. That is why it is called assist instead of auto-aim.

Projectile speed fused Typhoon basically don’t have bullet drop.

Also with the new way cannons work you just need to hit the meat of the target.

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I think this is why I’m finally being more successful with cannons. I don’t have to be as accurate.

I’m literally playing everything I have - which is all the cannons this side of the Tsunami.

Mounting Hulks sideways on the Omnibox is just hilarious fun to me.

According to the player count, this will not be a good update. Somehow it falls on them.

your assumptions of player count are based on what?

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player count dropping since February 2023 (Months ago) you just say its caused by update days ago…
no logic, no brain. Use some inteligence man.

Ofc it drop since there are ton of new players since January/February 2023 and ofc some of them drop game like in every other game. Some % of them will stay for longer. Its natural in every game like this.

I still find it screws me up more than helps me with any weapon with much projectile drop at long range.
It still feels like you have to pull against the assist to me, but I haven’t experimented much with the settings. The high settings locked to the cabin too much, and the lower settings just didn’t seem to do much.
But I’m sure some people like it and find ways of making it work with projectile drop weapons.

Please tell me exactly what is bothering you

I hate it. But I love to degun and shoot wheels off so I like to control my exact hit spot. It is especially satisfying to flip people.

I am simply pointing out it exists and people use it, when you have posts that say precise aiming isn’t required…

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Crossout’s recent damage update has stirred strong sentiments among players. Many believe it’s a misstep in the game’s history, expressing frustration over perceived balance issues. Constructive feedback is crucial; let’s hope the developers listen, adapt, and ensure the continued enjoyment of the Crossout community.

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How cute.

Sure they are, and this is a good thing, neither one ( cannon / armour ) get an clear advantage.

But you could, you know.

Merciless it’s a bit of a stretch tho.

It’s more a reminder of a issue that has to be addressed at some point