End of week for a PvP based clan

It seems like this might be the norm for a finished week of challenges for a mainly PvP/CW based Clan.
But many of us never finished weekly before anyways, so this works.


I am pleased to say that I am finally able to participate in the new system!
When this week is over I’ll post how my little three person clan did, just to give a better picture of what a solo player in a small band can do.

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I have not worked out the math - but I’m not sure a 5 man band would be able to max out all the challenges.

But the ones they can get are most likely easier as a group.

I’m going to assume this is a marketing incentive to get people to Poony up (misspelled on purpose) the coins for a full clan OR join one that is already made.

Bands are mostly a good start for newer accounts - but most guys that have been here for years will most likely end up in a clan.

I think someone was saying that you can max everything out with 10 guys pretty easy. And 20 guys can do it with half the effort.

It obviously put some strain on the “I’m not going a clan no mater what!” Kind of person and it would be nice if they gave them something. Maybe add the raids Beck to regular weeklies :slight_smile: we don’t want those anyways.

But I think for people that are willing to use the new system many people are finding they make more.

Only time will tell, and I’m sure we will get a few patches to work out the kinks.

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I wasn’t maxing out the challenges before, and I don’t expect to be able to now either with such a small band. But I’m optimistic that I’ll end up with more badges per week than I used to.

For reference, my old routine was to clear the scrap, wires, and battery challenges, and try to do the 40 daily challenge one (probably only successful half the time, depending on how busy I am in real life).

That wasn’t really a lot of badges, but it was enough. Shouldn’t be too hard for me to exceed that now, but I won’t know for sure until a week from now.

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This is all I ever did, Unless one unlocked just because what I was doing happened to unlock them just out of coincidence.

So I’m earning much more then before.

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I like what has been said here. I don’t like the power score rating… which brings me to this; lets say… a new member to a clan… joins and someone here said a real clan… I would like to know in General what Exactly am I supposed to have in gear? I will mention that I don’t have the illustrious premium account to earn the big stuff. So as a regular player what are the ground rules to having a Good Build?? As most experienced players say… “gotta have porcs” fused of course. I wont bore you any more… just trying to learn…

I do not think you need Relics to compete in Clan wars at lower tiers. I also find even top clans with a mix or Relic and Legendary builds - also every once in awhile I good epic build will pop up.

If you’re fighting for the top spots then it is a completely different story.

One thing I think some players will have problems with is their own hang ups. If you go into CWs with a “I’m never playing META no mater what!” Attitude then except to fail in most causes.

I’m not saying you need to play a cut and paste meta build, but you might need to compromise a little somewhere in-between to be some what successful.

What we need a “Budget Clan Wars Build” thread.
I wouldn’t mind building some examples. BUT What normally happen when you show budget builds is you get the hardcore guys telling you how much they suck and you can never win…. Well that might to true in Diamond but it is not true for the whole of CWs.

I don’t like the changes. But after I thought about it, I wasn’t completing weekly challenges before the patch. I’m probably just tired of crossout.

I would log in, see kill peeps with a shotgun or MG or cannon…

All that needed changed was the weapon requirement removed from that challenge and it would have been great. (so i could use incinerators or scorps or x weapon to complete them).

Raids: instead of making them X of this level X of that level, combine them and let them all be done with any combination. Just a flat: complete X amount of raids. Many times I would do 4-5 hard raids, 4-5 plastic and 4-5 easy in a week.

I am glad some people like the new system. I however will be playing Starfield in September.

Do you want to actually play clan wars, or do you just want to be part of a clan to earn more badges?

If you aren’t hoping to jump into clan wars, you shouldn’t need anything special to get into a clan. As long as you play a bit each week, you could join mine and I would have no expectations beyond that. A low level player who likes raids would actually be useful, as I do not plan on doing many raids myself, and someone needs to do them.

But if you want to play CW, you will need a bare minimum of gear to be able to contribute. Monkey would have better advice on a low budget CW build than me, as I have almost no interest in that mode.

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This is also true.

Xbox has a bunch of new clans built just for challenges, I’m sure all the platforms are doing it.

Many of them require people to have an 9k build to play Confrontation even if the player is solo.

Confrontation gives way more points, so a lower level player can contribute to unlocking the levels. But they just have to play a few games of 9k.

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None of the guys I played CW’s with started with relics. We did all have legendaries (except our cricket player). I would think you can get ore still today with an all legendary team. Note that I am not saying you will top the leagues with it.


We took 3rd on Playstation this week running Acari hover, Masotodn spider, Reaper spider and me on Punisher spider. Relics are not needed for CWs, and you can compete in gold/diamond with the right legendaries and comps.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When we started CWs we played blues lol.

Do you remember when Spitfires were META? You may not have played then.