Endless Valley, Mode suggestion (solo raid): procedurally generated map

For those not familiar with the topic of procedurally generated maps. It’s basically an instance of map that self generates based on an algorithm. The algorithm can be very basic or very nuanced. A number of times I’ve seen people asking for a punishment type of mode with endless swarms. I think this would pair up perfectly with procedurally generated maps. Perhaps a valley roadway.

The idea is the player would travel along a seemingly endless road with garage waypoints set every X clicks. At the garage a player could alter their build in their garage space. The mode starts and the player is in the default start of the game truck.

With each wave of enemy that comes scores out points that translate to being able to add parts from your own storage onto the active build. Every part would have a cost point attached to them and your builds for the mode would be only limited by that and what you have currently in storage. Each wave gets more difficult and your expected to alter your build to deal with the new types of threats. Similar to classic spy hunter without as many map type changes i.e no forced water map…

Start and stopping the mode saves you at the start of last wave # you reached. Mode would include 1 garage slot only used for the mode.

Points/rewards/scoring out is based on waves cleared from start to stop. It’s ranked against every other player using the mode. Special awards could be given for rank at timed intervals before resetting the ranking board.


I like it!
I’m not that into PVE, but mostly because I find it too repetitive and predictable. Something like this could be a lot more interesting for me.

The map in this case is meant to be dumbed down a little so you might see some of the same stuff often like any other really long road trip but it’s intentional. A player should be able to explore a little east and west of the road but again your just hitting a small farm, factory, or other base area that might have supplies. Directional wise north just seems to keep going or I can run back to the last garage to re-equip.

The entire focus is on the building aspect and how far you can get in the mode against an growing tide of diverse enemies.

Originally I had thought about this for teams but the rebuild phases could take too long unless it was clocked (time limited). Similarly using it as an escort type raid mission might be interesting too.

Makes me think of some 80s games, where some randomness and increasing difficulty creates kind of an endless game.

Was Spyhunter like that, or was it the same map every time?

Yeah should be a similar feel to an 80’s game though obviously 3d… It would pretty much be a chill endless game in a game that presents some challenges to overcome each # of waves of enemies using stuff you already earned from using the rest of the outer game.

Spyhunter if you made if far enough you got to a boat mode and then back to land a few times. We could probably do an air mode instead if they put out the heli parts.

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anyone here ever play Road Rash on Sega? That would be cool in XO as a zone to visit.

The motorcycle one? where you can steal weapons and upgrade your bike?

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the very one

I might have beaten it a few times.

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this procedurally generated map could be like a point A to point B thing like Road Rashes maps, just, there is no end.

There is no point b it just doesn’t stop.

This is a game that is just driving you might get a bb gun or something at most. The map is procedurally generated:

We would need spawn points garage points and a bunch of other things to support the mode.

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*sighs to self. I haven’t coded anything in a good 10 years. Back then, when people made these suggestions, I could see all the codes I needed in Second Life to use, and whip up a game for everyone to play. I kick myself a lot for ever jumping off that train of learning.

I’m not so sure how it could be constructed these days. and by “not sure sure” i mean i have no clue :frowning:

Would be a fun zone though in XO.

Towards the end you’ll notice he starts tossing stuff off the car. That’s just to conserve fuel to go further in the run.

It’s modular in epic’s but I do know what they are working with right now.

One of the other things I think that could be done with this is player sourcing a lot of the swarm builds from players via build competitions. If they ran the same competitions often enough (annual) they could continually refresh the mode with new enemies to face driven via community efforts. Which I think is an interesting and cost effective way to do that portion.

Things like fuel could be messed with too. i.e. collect fuel from destroyed raiders to keep going. Running out of fuel ends the session.

Also as it’s a solo player mode the max build part limit probably could be increased as well. I think it would be kind of interesting to be able to build out a levi sized ride if you get far enough in the mode.

If anyone has any interesting suggestions that might be fun add them in.

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