Enemy and reflection rewards totally unfair

An hour before the event ended I was up in 42nd place and then I had to go see my mom because it was Mother’s Day and because the devs just happened to choose today to end the event I got kicked down to 51st and didn’t get to crates it’s completely unfair additionally it’s completely unfair but only the top 50 people get to crates and the 450 below the top 50 get one crate it should be somewhat proportional to placement not just depending on who grinds the most with a full team and has the best luck without getting terrible terrible teammates. Please have a fair reward system for next year and don’t end it on Mother’s Day. That was straight up malicious design geared towards people who either don’t have a mother anymore or don’t care about their mother

Russia celebrates mother’s day on the last Sunday on November. All there events end on the end of the Crossout week 8 EST Sunday night. You just got unlucky. But its Standard Operating Procedure for everyone to cram the games right at the end of an event. Next time take her out for lunch instead of dinner?

But for all things fair, i think you should mention this complaint to her as well. Im thinking something like, “Hey Mom, I love you. But you cost me 10 bucks in virtual currency.” Im sure she’d appreciate it…


Hope you learned your lesson, the grind is not worth it

The faster you accept this fact the more of a “fun” time you’ll have with the game

It just is not worth it

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