Enemy in Reflection Brawl Population 2024

So I thought we could log the amount of current players (ish) with the leaderboard.

So ti seems around 23000 players who got a score. Many peopel pointed out that many players filling up the leaderboard were just fake… many accounts that haven’t played a match or their last watch was back in 2021 etc so the whole leaderboard is basically dummy info.

Considering in 2023 Xbox alone had 17000 players and we now have a merged leaderboard with PlayStation those numbers seem kinda bad. PlayStation at the time in 2023 had about 80% more population than us but I can’t remember the numbers exactly…

I had this screenshot from a thread back then for PC numbers, would be good to see those this year.


people use multiple accounts to boost their main account, its common knowledge

I’m just here to talk about the population