* 'Enemy in Reflection' Event-thoughts?

i like it,the vehicles drive n shoot better.

i’m lovin the heli…


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I won’t even consider it, due to the notorious"leaderboard" scoring systems they have used in the past.

I did play it once just to see what the brawl was like (we won). Meh? It’s not bad, but it’s also not very interesting or immersive, IMO. I’m sure somebody with a lot fewer hours in this game than I have may find it entertaining. I’ve sort of been there done that. It’s PVP with prefab vehicles. I’m not really into prefab or the repetitive map.

I’d like something more interesting to look at, and a world that was more immersive, like they could at least change the lighting or something. I’d like them to change the things I cannot, like the landscape. I can build new vehicles for some feeling of freshness in this game, but I can’t change the maps…more maps please.

This new brawl, or event, or whatever, is something I’ll forget exists in 10 minutes, were it not for the indicator in the GUI. It offers me nothing…but the potential for frustration, due to this game’s notoriously wicked “leader-board” scoring systems. I’m not even going to entertain it, or allow myself to get sucked into that schit again. Fool me once…etc.

More maps, please.


24,577 people playing? (on PC) -this is not true.
y do they all have 1000 points? i didn’t start with 1000 rating,did i ? and why?

i hate the leader boards too,it’s a big downer :rofl:


The paint for silver league is pretty sweet but is not must have. They should have dropped the air raid siren for this.


so they doing this again?
((don’t ever deduct points in game ever))… :crazy_face:
this is why we don’t play…


Rewards are cheap as hell, you need to be in top 500 to get anything worthy which is nonsense. I ranked around 2000ish in spring mayhem out of 100 000 players so top 98% of players and all i got for it was a piece of untradeable epic decor.


yeap, today i was in 8.400’s in the scoreboard before i played the first game.
two games after i was in the 4000’s.
After i reached the silver whatever ( i got the sticker and the other thing that breaks cloak as a decor )
I was in 2000’s.
I think all accounts must be counted (active, inactive) until we reach a certain point where the progression in the scoreboard slows down because we are actually disputing with other active players and where we find the active player base in Crossout.

yeah, when i saw that ( points deduction) , maybe i will not fight for a new paint

the paint would be nice.

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I do love me some fresh paints…I’ve already got that one though. They gave it away for free not too long ago. It was with a set of three or four camouflages, I think. You could either get the camo-set or a decor pack. I went with the paints, but the decor was pretty cool too…It might actually be on the promo and giveaway thread. I’m not sure. I can’t remember…it was free. That I remember…I think. IDK.

It is a nice camo, though.

I love losing rating with 5000 score, really deserved

pffft…(-5) for alot of hard work and wasting my time and life away

devs,just give us ( 0 )

why do we need to lose points if we don’t win ?

lose 20 points if you quit the match…

can you see the problem here? :crazy_face: