Engine Idea

What if we had an Engine with a perk that increased rotation speed, but the perk increased with slower movement. Like +50% rotation speed while at 0 kph.
It would for Heavy Cabins so it would increase mass limit and lower speeds.

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A second rotation speed engine? That would be a bummer. I’d rather have a more diverse selection of engine perks when we finally get some new engines.

Man… I really want some new engines…

Maybe if they gave oppressor two different modes and reworked it. Like one mode gives rotation when u move fast and one mode gives u more rotation when you move slow. Switching engine modes would need a very long cooldown, and the perk when moving at slower speeds would need a lower turn speed buff. But that would work.


That would be nice. That would make it useful for a lot of vehicles.

I had an idea for a legendary engine:

  • A high torque electric motor. Similar top speed buff as cheetah, but with the acceleration curve of hovers. Uses no energy, but gives one energy. Very explosive, creates fire puddle when destroyed (burns both allies and enemies). Must add a lot of PS.

I would put that on a fast engine though. (turn perk)

So a light engine with a perk that only benefits slow vehicles?

Light engines can be very good on heavy builds. The extra tonnage is necessary depending on the movement part. On say omniwheels; this is the way.

The idea is more like a fast get away engine that forces a player into a stop and shoot type of roll. There’s a number of weapons that work well when used like that, that would also benefit from that type of perk.

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exept heavy cabins

movement parts that are “good” on heavy cabins all have speed caps, and in no way i am going to use over 14 hermits on a build just so i can have 10 more kilometers of maximum speed even though i will never actually reach it in battle.

due to how aceleration is calculated, high speed = high aceleration, having more power on a vehicle will just reduce the power penalty to aceleration without increased actual aceleration;

basically, that engine would end up useless to everyone, as the perk would only benefit heavy builds, while the stats not doing much, and if it is legendary, you’d be better upgrading an epic engine that both the stats and the perk benefit it the most.

like, literally, tell me any medium/light cabin build that would benefit from sitting still exept for tsunamis and kaiju.(which both are’nt even used in those cabins too)

No engine in the game has a speed cap. They all raise your max speed. Please clarify what you mean.

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movement parts used on heavy cabins most of the time never go above 60 km, and when they do, the vehicle becomes unable of going above 60 km, using “light” movement parts that have higher, or no movement speed cap most of the time gives way to many drawbacks considering that at the most you will be going an additional 15 km than the regular on a heavy cabin, the drawbacks are, too many movement parts consume all the part limite, and their wieght/tonnage ratio is very bad compared to speed limited movement parts such as meatgrinders and tracks, which have even more drawbacks, but not as much as light movement parts if used on a heavy cabin.

I have my golden eagle upgraded for speed. I can go 71 rather then 70 on meat grinders. All of the engines though increase the speed cap on cabs via a percentage.

Yes, but how long does it take to reach max speed with 7 meatgrinders with full mass on a heavy cabin!

It just takes too long, it is unviable to attempt to reach that speed on actual battles as you will constantly need to atop, do turns and etc…

I use 4 rather then 7 it’s really not long though. What your suggesting is a matter of power consumption though.

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No one uses seven augers.

Even six augers is too many. Tried it, way too slow.

Clebardman had another idea for an engine.
An engine similar to Razorback, but requires no energy.
It gives 1750 extra mass.
Perk: decreases power drain up until 50 KPH.

Well, that just happens to be the exact ammount to get full toonage on a heavy legendary cabin!

Not exactly. There’s tonnage engines and fusions. I can max out yokozuna with four augers. Same with all the other purple heavy cabs.

Imo you should never use a machinist or cohort on augers. Nor on omni wheels for that matter. It’s just too slow. And if your going to use them. Your going to want a tonnage engine at the very least. Never use golden eagle with them. Golden eagle is best utalize on faster cabs. Medium cabs and echo cab make the best use of augers.