Engineers prestige level 200 reached

I’d rather not give the developers any money for what kind of a game they are offering let alone how they run it

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I am at level 155… Life out side of gaming got in my way to advance higher . Never the less some what satisfied. Between Nerf’s & Buff’s and boycotting stagnant BP’s . Sure I could have done better but choose to vote with the “purse” for the most part. When a good BP pops in sure take my money but until then No way. The free market speaks volumes.

I’m not even near 200, but in all the rest i’m in the same boat as you

Usd obviously every other currency besides euro which is practically the same is worth so little that its obvious it wouldnt be it like 2000 pesos…. Lol

IMO, 2000 pesos would be more believable, and I’ll refrain from giving my full opinion on buying a video game account for $2,000…and then announcing it here, like it’s enviable genius.

2000 anything for an account with 10,000 hours is like 0.2 of whatever currency per hour which is too low in my opinion… even I have 10,000 hours on a 280 prestige account so I’m even being generous here.

just get a better job or something idk 2k disposable income isnt really that rare :man_shrugging:

I have higher priorities, I thought everybody else did too, and it has nothing to do with disposable income. I think paying somebody else to play a video game for you is…not something I would have ever thought to do.

yeah probably just cant use your thinking skills to realize its a lot more worth it than spending 2 grand for 100k coins or 2k for an account with everything

Adios, Nuke.

dont speak chinese