Engineers prestige level 200 reached

Level 200 reached yay
Have not owned a single relic
Have not been able to realistically fuse legendary weapons
Do not own fused legendaries outside the ones that came out of battle passes
Have not been able to own and rotate multiple legendaries for a wide array of builds

heads up to all players thinking it won’t take that long to own the “high end” stuff or that mostly f2p players can ever graduate from mainly purple parts or play multiple legendaries

:clap: screw :clap: confrontation :clap: screw :clap: clan wars :clap:


Heads up to newer players: if you manage your resources poorly, you could end up penniless like this guy


i played f2p for 4 years , was able to buy 2 scorps , 2 phoons and 2 bugs by properly managing my ressources… so looks like we re not all equal when it comes to mental ressources , or absence thereof .
you re complaining you re not getting anything , but when i see you play in pvp i tend to thing you don t deserve it either.

keep going champion ! make us proud !

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Congratulation’s on your #200. :partying_face: I have been playing for years, Never owned a relic either. Fused some purples & blues but not hell bent on fusing nor owning a relic. Fusing can be very beneficial actually. Perhaps I too am penniless, However the fun one has had in game is 100% priceless and worthy of boasting !


*If you try out multiple builds instead of the same op build for years and try out various guns rather than playing 1-3 guaranteed win weapons

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I bet you would not even have the balls to play 13k thrashers, judging by what stale builds you usually run

The fight is on! Pass the popcorn! :hugs: :popcorn:

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I think I’m at 150 now, and the only fused legendaries I have are from BPs. I have no problem with that.
I have grinded out a bunch of legendaries (and tons of epics, specials, rares), but don’t care enough about fusing to fuse legendaries.

Why am I happy with this level of progress? I have tons of stuff, and accumulate new stuff every week. I have lots of items that I have barely had time to use. I have more than enough stuff to keep the game fresh for me, which is pretty impressive after all these years.

And because I don’t stress out about getting relics or fusing legendaries, I have lots of progress I can keep making, keeping the game interesting. Although with the rate that new items are added and the BP schedule, I may never feel the need to get many relics. As long as I am constantly getting new toys, I don’t care if they are the expensive toys.

I would rethink my use of resources and the market tbh, although if you are on PC the market is hardcore.
Pay attention, many times you can craft something and get more than if you just sell the mats.

I’m sitting at 240. All fused modules/engines/wheels. Most legendaries (though many are not fused) and 5 relics. (I’ve owned all but helicon, ripper and Typhoon) 5 years played. I did get the relics from CW, sold the ore and bought relics (other than the one I crafted).

was one of my friends before he sold his account had 1 30$ pack bought
i think you just have a skill issue

the cope is unreal just get rich enough to where you own everything simple

How do you know that they only bought 1 pack though?

cause i played on their account and seen and they were also prestige 540

What did they sell it for int he end?


Damn that seems so little for the time put into it, I guess if you’re not playing anymore then cash is cash though

Two thousand what?

$ because only an American would assume their currency is the only one in existence so specifying would be pointless

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Is he an “American?” IDK…must be though, eh?

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“My friend owns relics you have skill issue”
cool beans and congratulations to your friend idk why you need to specifically mention any of that especially after a 10 month absence but you do your…you thing

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