Enuff with the damn stabilizers

STOP JUST STOP! I have over 50 useless stabilizers that I will never use. Even when trying to salvage basic items such as cabins or weapons its stabilizers. Either stop with the stabilizers or LET US SELL OR TRADE THEM.

they DID. it was an event and you missed it. basically it allowed you to use stabilizers to remove perks from your weapons to resell them, it even allowed you to sell the stabilizers on the market place if you had to many and wanted to get rid of some. i made 2k coins off that. you should pay attention to the news more often.


I made 10k.

I would guess they will have this event every once in awhile now that they have done it already.

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lol jk. thats alot of coin you made off that though! did you sell all legendaries? all the ones i sold were legendaries off events and ones i crafted. im surprised i had so many rares, i just fused them to get all the legendaries and sold them.

Lol, not bragging :slight_smile: just the truth.

I sold Legendaries from BP events that I don’t use.
I figure that I didn’t really work for them and I don’t use them so no need to have them.

It gave me another 10k worth of value from old BPs

I sold almost all of mine, too. I figured maybe something really truly bizarre might happen at some point in the future, and I’ll actually need some, so I kept a couple of each tier.

With the rest, I used the $ to double up on some parts I hope to fuse if/when they have another special where it only takes 2 of an item to fuse them. Sorry you missed out… hopefully, they’ll make 'em sellable again.

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