Epic "harpoon" idea: Ravager link. (temp name)

Ravager link

looks: wire spool with a ravager eye and a strange electric harpoon. its rope is notably thicker as it has a lot of wires and piping in it.

Function: The Ravager link works like a healing beam of sorts. one can fire it at an ally with in 50m of your build and it will repair them for 10 HP a second. The link is automatically removed if you or them take damage and you can not link to vehicle that have a link already attached to them or the module its self.

Limit on build: 2
power cost: 3
Ammo: 100 (uses 1 ammo per 10 HP. micro factories give more ammo.)

Mechanics: the link deploys a wire like any other harpoon, but this doesn’t pull targets closer and can not connect to hostile builds. Only one link can be connected to an ally at a time, and links can not connect to vehicles with a link module.

Points per repair: 1 point per 10 HP 5 per part repair.

drawback: upon target or host taking damage link disconnects requiring a 15 second recharge. (this isn’t a reload.) the weapon also overheats like a MG meaning after X time it requires that 15 second recharge.

repair bad!!! please no implement!!!


How do you distribute HP? Its coming from parts or cabin. If part is destroyed - where is this HP added? To the cabin?
Bad idea as some cabins like Bastion are very different in the way they take damage, and btw cabins can be put on averter. Also - builds with heavier cabins would get bigger advantage.
So if you heal just damaged parts that are stil on its very useless, if you heal cabin it becomes way to powerful (or as useless if its to slow - havin 2 players not participate in the battle for 30 seconds can make a huge differnece, especiually towards end of mission when its very fast paced.

Literally it would repair like the repair gamemode but with a limit and ammo.


i honestly think they should use the system the “repair drone” (the one on scaverger raids) uses, or just use that drone in general, as it would be easyer to balane ammo wise, if also adding an targetting option for it

I hope we get that drone one day to, along with the autocannon drones that are in the new chase.