Epic Music, In-case You Needed It

A friend of mine asked me to post this a while back, and I did on Youtube but, of course, Youtube took the video down so, I’m making this here post of the individual vids I used for the soundtrack in The Ravaging. Old news I know. But forums are how I keep the hydra of mine alive.

Title Sequence - Hells Bells

1st Battle - Megadeth (Angry Again)

Demitri’s Theme - Grai (In the Arms of Mara)

So long Demitri, and Thanks for all the battles… - Jorn (Hotel California)

The Chase (Snaggletooth’s Lovesong)

Christine’s Resurrection - Tom Player (Axis)

The Lost Wolves Theme - Black Hydra (Blaze)

SR71 - Ursine Vulpine (Ishimura)