Ermak Perk Only Kicks In When CABIN is Damaged

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The new cabin “Ermak” has a perk described as:

“Upon receiving damage increases the armoured vehicle’s damage resistance by 10% for 7 sec. The effect stacks up to 3 times. Delay of the effect is 0.4sec.”"

I tested how this works and, in case there is any confusion, the perk ONLY activates when the CABIN takes damage, NOT the rest of vehicle.

The resistance is applied to all parts of the vehicle so that’s good but the cabin’s perk could be more precise to indicate the cabin and ONLY the cabin has to take damage to activate the perk. It would certainly help in how a survivor builds a vehicle to properly take advantage of the perk.



Well I’ll be damned that’s true.

Wait, what?

… This is… This makes Ermak absolutely crappy and much worse than Bastion, no? Didn’t try it yet, but I bought one because it sounded really strong… (^%

Actually it makes it much better. Bastion provides 50% resistance (to non energy damage) to whatever hits the plow. That’s great, BUT Ermak provides resistance to EVERYTHING (including modules, weapons and movements parts.) As long as you don’t cover your build in bumpers and build for durability (behind and under the cab), and keep your cabin relatively exposed so it’s easy to hit, it works great. I’ve been using it with protectors (and have the cabin and generator hooked up to averter as well) and the build is super tanky. I’ve also got an Ermak+Hulk build with those hooked up to averter and also super tanky.

The Ermak cabin has quickly become my favorite cabin.

30% resist to your whole build…
but only if they target the cab.

Really, besides driving into fire puddles, I don’t see the point. If they target the cab they don’t target the rest of the build. Might as well play Bastion and enjoy permanent 50% resist. I bough one (on the market) because it sounded like a almost permanent self-Cohort buff, but this is… this is really bad (^%. It at least has a good shape and base dura going for it… but that’s about it, with that wonky perk.

I don’t get your logic there.

Opponents have to hit the plow (a.k.a your cabin but only the plow portion of it which is even more limited than the entire Ermak cabin) on the Bastion for you to take advantage of the perk, but whatever floats your boat. In my experience the Ermak’s perk is pretty much permanent in combat (again your have to leave your cabin pretty much exposed), but yeah go ahead and sell your Ermak without even trying it. Lol.

Have a good one!

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What stops enemies from destroying the rest of your build and saving Ermak for the dessert?

All in all Ermak looks good for art-crafting.

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Nothing, and maybe people will clue into that eventually, but so far not so much.

The thing is, what is typically being used to damage your cabin? There’s a huge chunk of weapons out there with explosion damage or big bullet spread which even when trying to hit other parts of your build are still hitting the cabin. Cannons, Shotguns, Rapid Fire MGs, Caucasus, Pyres, Trombones, Hurricanes, most Autocannons, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Plasma Guns, Yokai, Flamethrowers, Mandrake, Incinerator, King Mines, Fortunes, and all Drones and Turrets are either directly or indirectly going to be hitting your cabin. Also, keep in mind, there’s frequently more than one person firing at you. Plus… Bots.

While I understand the activation of the Ermak’s perk appears to be limiting, in practice it’s not and IMO the 30% resistance to every other part of your build is significantly more beneficial than the Bastion’s 50% resistant plow (especially when you’ve got multiple opponents firing at you from multiple angles.)


That looks valid. But then, I’d rather use Humpback or Cohort. Ermak has a conveniently shaped form and the moderate perk. And the second best durability of them all. It’s a decent cabin, but not the best choice.

Indeed. I’m not saying it’s the best choice, only that it’s better than Bastion and a good overall heavy cab.


I think they all have their place. Ermak is better than bastion for some builds and vice versa. Ermak is less versatile I think, as it is super strong with asterause specifically. Connect asterause to the cab and have it also connected to some elbows as well as have an inverter on the cab and elbows. That cab isn’t going to take bupkiss for dammage from those loaded shots and its perk is always active.

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