Error 18: Calypso

This seems to be happening across all platforms. I don’t know if that means it’s everybody everywhere, but I’m getting the same error here in the USA on PC. I can’t log onto the game, how about you?


Neither can I WTF!

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Same here - PC/Europe


What platform are you on, and what region, if I may ask?

Pc in the US

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Why, what happened?

Me too i just install the game
form SEA


IDK. I’ve not heard anybody say they can actually access the game, so it’s looking like it’s system-wide. Hackers? That’s happened before. Nerds are often underestimated. They might look harmless at first glace…
…but sometimes screwing with the wrong nerd can really get dark.

IDK, could be…I really don’t know. My money is on angry disgruntled nerd. DOS attack?

I’m sure we have a proper nerd here somewhere that can make a better guess, and I look forward to their comments, but Faley016 (reddit forum moderator) seems to have no idea either, and I doubt any of us have a better ear to what goes on at Targem than he.

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I’m currently downloading War Thunder (gotta take a break from this game), and I didn’t see anything odd with that (other than it’s hella slow). It looked like it still has an uninterrupted stream from Gaijin…but IDK. Looks can be deceiving though, especially as slow as the connection is. I’ll go look and see how they are doing, if they are experiencing a blackout too, but I think this issue is isolated to Crossout.

They sneak around and update crap in the background sometimes, and it’s possible…nah…I bet it’s hackers. Can you imagine how screwed you would be if you were the employee who crashed your game company’s entire world-wide network, halting your company’s entire revenue stream? I’ve had some bad days at work, broke some stuff, screwed up orders, etc, but I’ve never jacked anything up globally. That’d be rough.

i can log in now


I’m up and running too…Seems like pretty solid eveidence that we don’t get patch-notes for all the tinkering they do behind the scene…or they are getting attacked and they managed to thwart the assault. IDK.

That was odd. Glad it’s over…if it’s over.

Thanks for your responses, folks.

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Same here. Error 18

same here

I guess this means it’s back?

Mine is running fine at the moment.

The conspiracy lives on