Error: WS-44750-0 (PlayStation)

PlayStation got the mini update, and things were going fine, but now I’m constantly getting this weird error message;

Anyone else experiencing this? I can’t even get the game to open.

Edit: I restarted the game a couple times and it seems to have resolved itself.

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Ok. I’m getting the same error after the update as well.

Mine is a network error. I’ve restarted it several times and still wont connect.

I’m getting it again, after playing a few games.
Is it just PS4?
Getting a new code this time: WS-37505-0

Playstation network is having issues. I just saw on the playstation network test.


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ws-44750-0 ps4: When a PlayStation shows the ws-44750-0 error code, it means that the network connection between the console and its servers has failed. Some users ran into the problem while playing a certain game, such as Overwatch, Rocket League, etc., while others ran into it when starting up the console or logging into the PSN. Most of the time, the problem is reported after a firmware update or a game update.

Start up the console and router from scratch
If there is a temporary problem with how the PS console and Sony servers talk to each other, the data packets may not be parsed correctly on the console or its servers. This could cause the WS-44750-0 error. In this case, you might be able to get rid of the WS-44750-0 error by giving the PS console and router a cold restart.

Put the console and router to sleep.
Then, unplug both the console and the router from their power sources and remove all the networking cables from the router.
Now wait 5 minutes, and then plug the Internet cable back into the router.
Then connect the LAN cable to the console again (if LAN connection is used on the console).
Now plug the router’s power cord back in and turn it on.
Once the router is turned on properly, turn on the PlayStation and see if the 44750 error is gone.
Check if the PlayStation can connect to the Internet
The PS console may give you the 44750 error if there is a problem with the way it talks to its servers. This could be caused by a bug in the console’s communication modules. Here, testing the PlayStation’s Internet connection might fix the problem. Before you do that, make sure that both the PlayStation servers and the game servers (if the problem is with a specific game) are up and running.

Open the Settings menu and click on Network.
Now click Test Internet Connection, and then wait for the test to finish.
After that, check to see if the WS error is gone from the PlayStation.
If that doesn’t work and the problem is happening over Wi-Fi, move the PlayStation console close to the router and see if that fixes the problem.

Change the PlayStation’s DNS settings
If the network’s DNS servers can’t translate the web addresses of the Sony servers quickly enough, the WS-44750-0 error code could happen. In this case, changing the PlayStation’s DNS settings might fix the error 44750.

Open Network from the PlayStation Settings menu
Now click Setup Internet Connection and choose LAN or Wi-Fi for the type of connection.
Then go to Custom and set the IP Address field to Automatic.
Now, choose “Do Not Specify” for the DHCP Host Name field and “Manual” for the DNS field.
Then choose how to set the following DNS values:
Now set MTU Settings to Automatic and Proxy Server to Do Not Use.
Then, click Test Internet Connection. After the test is done, check to see if the error 44750 is gone.
Try a different network or type of network
The PlayStation could show the 44750-0 error code if the ISP is making it hard for the console to talk to its servers, making it impossible for the console or its servers to read the data packets correctly. In this case, the error may be fixed by trying a different network or type of network.

If you can, see if the error goes away if you connect the PS console to a LAN connection (if the problem is happening over Wi-Fi).
If that didn’t work and the problem is happening on LAN, disconnect LAN and connect the console through Wi-Fi.
Now, plug the LAN cable back in and see if the 44750 error is gone.
If not, disconnect the PlayStation from the current network and connect it to a different network, like a mobile phone’s hotspot.
Now, do the thing that was causing the error, and hopefully the console won’t show error 44750 anymore.

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