EU Server wheel88 and wheel87 are messed up

there has not been a single battle, be it regular PvP, clan wars, or bedlam, on these servers without catastrophic issues. I wish the devs would just fix them, or at least put them out of service until they are fixed, because this is simply not playable.

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Yes they are having lags. A Lot of lags for some Seconds. Then sometimes it works again.

With the new BP we’re going to get that should go back to 75 levels, I can safely say EU wheel88 is the main obstacle between me and spending money on the game.

I have not played a single CW session that didn’t see multiple DCs and atrocious lag spikes that make the game unplayable since MONTHS. And I play like 2h every session, so that’s pretty miserable. Waiting because we got a penalty after a player got kicked out of the game twice because trash lag? We did it. Fighting melee teams in the middle of a lag spike that makes you lose the round? Done. Winning 3v4s because of crappy server? I did it. Holy crap I even fought a 1v4.

Fix your servers if you want to sell that upcoming BP you’re working on, Targem. I applaud the decision to go back to work in order to make money, but BPs and packs are ultimately goodies meant to be played in your game, and your game isn’t stable enough for sane people to dump money in, these days.

Also I play for fun but when you lose 4 games because DCs and your clan finishes Satursday evening’s session with 180 pts, that’s a bummer lmao

I wonder if thats a punishment server for jerks.

Totally agreed. I just finished a mission (I think) on that server which was really unplayable.

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Nope. It’s just a server with either bad connections to the outside or the server itself is poorly configured/ran.

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it is able to receive information perfectly, it just does not send any information back for some reason.

Which is almost certainly down to a bad connection or a poor configuration/operation. Input works, output doesn’t.