Evaluation and recommendations on special items

First of all, special tires,We can see that most of the special tires do not exceed 100ps,I would like to reintroduce this topic to mention that it is necessary to increase the existing tires ps or design new medium and heavy tires around 150ps,may need a tire of size between bigfoot and hermit, special.
Then about the ability of the special cabin, the crusher it is very good, this ability is universal, and then the bat, the continuation of the weakened ability is not a big problem, the explosion damage is also relatively universal, perhaps still need a little attribute strengthening, such as weight cap, reduce 100ps, or increase its power to 4 grams, do two of them is enough, I want to say is the ability of the pilgrim, as far as the photon itself This ability to play a single role, and then its ability to weaken to provide the pilgrim, to my feeling is not interesting, I suggest giving it a new ability: the energy weapons used in it range and warhead speed increased by 15%, which is more in line with its name pilgrim, rather than a small photon
Finally, the lack of ability of the special engine, we note that after another update, the epic accessories including radiator, flywheel increased to 400ps, so that people will choose their low-level version, their ps difference is a lot, the low-level version but most of the ability of the epic, now this situation is good, but the engine, the ability of the special engine in the epic version of a lot of difference, and no additional ability, but the ps difference is not a lot, do not need to change their ps, and unnecessary to add additional ability for the special engine, what is needed is to make their basic properties closer to the epic version