*Event Brawls..tell us what they are and what 'we need' for the brawl 😡

lazy…there i said it…

i don’t mind going in blind,but if i can’t figure it out by the end of the match…well…i’m slow :crazy_face:
alittle text would be nice…thanks!


I guess it was explained to me in another thread that dev team pretty much don’t know what they are doing till the last second.

They spin a wheel I guess…

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JJ you are right, it shows all over this game. Just a tragic job by the developers…

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It’s all there but I do agree some descriptions would be appreciated

Yeah, to do the brawls, I found I was having to open the “news” section of the game to find out what the brawl was.

I’m not doing that. Piss off, Targem.

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These brawls are garbo. The first impulsiveness brawl would have been great long term fun if they blocked crossbows. It had plastic for its reward so it was worth playing over scrap or wires.

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I think it was an aware, conscious decision to put plastic as the reward for the first brawl, to get people excited, and then just offer scraps of scraps and other stuff from there on out