Event Crate Item Missing (Inflatable Icarus)

Today on the last day of the event, I opened my last chest and received Inflatable Icarus, however when i went to check my inventory it wasn’t there, and under my profile it says I never received the item. I have the screenshot of recieving it! Wondering where did it go?

I suggest taking a screenshot if you receive valuable items from a chest, just in case you don’t actually get it, so you can contact support for help? Anyways, lucky i had the screenshot i suppose. Here it is. Also can’t figure out what i got instead.

click the claim button.
probably still in the right upper corner of ur screen.

THAT FIXED IT, also the ‘available crate’ button wasn’t visible until after I restarted the client. Totally amusing that this actually happened. Leaving this post here for others.

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