Evolution of video game documentary film 5hrs

I don’t really want to attach this to any topic as it’s so long but a few of you might enjoy it.


Watching it when I have 5 minutes :wink: DOOM 1 sends me right back to 5-6yo !

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Same was just finishing a break from cleaning will watch it later.

A classic arcade/bar opened up near my house recently, and it’s been really fun revisiting some of those ancient games.
Although to be honest, a lot of them have not aged well. But others are better than I remember, so it balances out.
I will say that the 70s pinball machines are more fun than the majority of the 80s and 90s arcade machines.
They also have a bunch of booths with various generations of Nintendo consoles set up, pre-loaded with most of the popular classics.

One of my uncles use to run a boardwalk arcade in NJ from from around the 60s to 90s. I still have a lot of case keys for them.


it was always fun as a kid when the repair men came to fix the machines an gave you credits to play for free. :kissing_heart:

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That’s the best part of the new arcade near me: all the machines are set to free, and you just pay a flat cover charge at the door.
This means you can keep hitting “continue”, and actually make some progress on some of those brutally hard relics without having to walk around with a bucket of quarters.

Now that I think of it, 80s arcade machines were the original pay-to-win, because the only way you could continue was to buy more lives.

If you collect all the keys you can be the key master lol…

My Dad when I was little would drag me to the tradeshows. I got to play this game the first time they attempted to do VR with a giant head set that felt like it was going to crush my skull back in the day. My friends later had a lot of fun hacking the game later though.