Exchange Icarus... How?

From the release notes:

We understand that the new parameters are forcing some players to change their hovers in order to keep their vehicles effective. After the update, we will launch a special compensation system — each player will be able to exchange their “Icarus VII” hovers to “Icarus IV” and vice versa as many times as they have had parts on their account. During the exchange, the upgrade of the part you are exchanging will be retained.

I cannot find where and how to do this… Or is this still coming up?

If you pull up the submenu attached to the item you’ll see an exchange option near where it has trade, buy, sell and stuff listed.

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Awesome, thanks!

Hi, You may want to wait on any exchanges until they are done nerfing hovers. At present, hovers are so dominant, there are no competing movement parts. I’m not sure the game is going to stay there. When the dust settles, you don’t know which hover Icarus IV or VII will be better.


You might be waiting a long time going by that. lol

Again, how improving maneuverability and speed is a nerf?

You didn’t read properly, DarthStall is saying hovers have been grossly buffed and are disgustingly OP rn, and that a nerf to them is bound to happen.

I wonder how the sad hovertarts who cried about the last changes are going to take it…

they won’t cause and if we go by what they said all of them left the game by now. :smiley:

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