Executioner barrel hitbox

Its still as awful as it was years ago. These are some of the worst cannons to use because theres no way to armor them effectively. I can have a full tile gap between the barrel and anything below, yet the gun has zero depression despite having ample room for traverse. The ammunition hopper on the right side of the gun is also poorly placed. When this gun gets a remodel (keep its flak 88 appearance dont gimp it like the mammoth pls) fix this issue and relocate the ammunition hopper so it cannot occlude traverse angles when the gun is armored from the front.


Fix the bottom mount of the Tsunami so it can angle down like the Typhoon while your at it too. It need a one block thick line shaved off across the front of the mount.


my executioner build is 499 durability. I couldn’t figure out how to armor around them so… yeah. Executioner model needs a bit of modernization.

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When i start play crossout the executioner 88 was the first epic weapon i build. I really like the concept of this canon, the piercer BOM BOM.
Im agree this canon need litle love, its big with low durability and really heavy, the damage is not bad at all, lets see after canon bullet update.