Executioners, the worst cannons

Can someone tell me how these are supposed to work, or if they are working like intended at all? You hit guns, you don’t destroy guns. You hit wheels, you don’t destroy wheels or any generators or modules that might be hiding behind them. You hit the back of a build or a side, you don’t seem to do any penetration. You hit a cab, you don’t do enough damage. Your guns get stripped away by any kind of a pea shooter because you just can’t output enough damage or have high enough hp to survive. Turning cannons like Fat Man and Hulk seem to do way more damage and be more able to do everything in combat than these fixed cannons, not to mention they are able to rotate and don’t have this weird supposed penetration perk that never seems to work.

These guns were changed to this weird penetrates X pins of armor and then explodes kind of a shot, yet it never feels like it does that. And then they’ve been buffed and buffed after their initial nerfing to the ground, and they still can’t perform. And I think all these problems are extremely apparent in the Executioners specifically in this gun line, double and triple Prosecutor and Judge builds can get stuff done in their own ps, but a build with Executioners never seems to be able to do anything, extremely mediocre performance seems to be the absolute best you can get out of these. And then rarely you can one shot a build (like 1 in 50 matches) but it does not feel like you shot the enemy build anywhere that would warrant it to go absolutely kaboom and definitely did not hit any modules or generators. And other times you could swear you’ve shot 2 3-shot volleys at a single Joule sitting on top of a cabin on a build and it does not pop

Or is this gun so tied to the Icebox cabin that even a Harpy can’t make their shots feel like they do enough damage? Or is this penetration and explosion mechanic somehow bugged and wonky in general? Or is it that it tries to deal the damage to the part it hits and the part that gets the penetrated explosion, not dealing enough damage to make a difference to either part, as opposed to just doing damage to where the shot originally hit in which case it could have potentially stripped a gun or a movement part?


I agree. They suck now. Been like that for a while.

Everything you said is spot on.

For a while, at least a few updates ago, they were good, shooting through tracks and popping builds. But the Avalanche outclasses them now.


give me Triple Judges any day. I was pretty disappointed with the Executioner for sure.

I did the testing for yous as i so happen to have 3 5% plus damage in my inventory that i got no way of selling.

Set up 12 pieces of container walls and the steppenwolf pieces.
2 executioners on icebox took out 3
3 executioners on icebox took out 6
2 typhoons plus steeppe spider took out 3
2 typhoons plus icebox took out 4
2 mastodons took out a measly 2.
soo what i took out of this is that 3 fused executioners on icebox do have potential to do more damage than
then typhoons on both icebox and other cabs. there was no way for the typhoons to match the 6 pieces that the executioners took out. So executioners do have potential to do more damage.


I was actually planning on trying executioners again soon, so I’ll report back on my experiences next week.
I feel like they could be very fun on omniwheels.

this might sound stupid… but …over pen?
I know this game doesn’t have such mechanics but if the perk is having x value of penetration before the shell blows up, the other half is armour thickness.
the shell could go through the target and then explode outside the target resulting in pity damage
According to @nobler1500, he used the perfect parts for this type of thing.
And reached to this conclusion.

There’s a lot of people not using steppenwolfs and scavengers heavier parts on their builds, they tend to favour lighter pieces to be able to zip around the map.

Could be it?

Too add to this i just did a quick test of builds from exhibition with non fused executioners and had exact same results. 2 executioners still took out 3 pieces and 3 took out 6 pieces(all on icebox) so the non fused one should be just as effective. Best perk to look for in fusion is the 25% increase in projectile speed. If you get that fusion perk then the drop should be nearly on par with a regular typhoon. I tested that a while ago and drop is just barely slightly more than a typhoon if you get the 25% projectile speed increase.


1 last addition

Tried it out on photon cab so it ain’t benefiting from a perk and same results again so you don’t even need the icebox. 2 executioners took out 3 pieces and 3 took out 6 pieces


All fixed firing cannons except the Avalanche suck. Typhoon has a great perk, if you can get by the pathetic damage it does.

i dunno man, I frequently 1 shot drone droppers with just 2 executioners probably because they are packing too many genesis. I hold my own with it, I can remember lots of duels with the other guy on typhoons and i came on top, worst part is lack of durability and large hitbox but i win alot of dog fights when i’m against typhoons but scorpions always get me tho.

I generally prefer turret cannons, but most have such a steep projectile drop that they’re very difficult to use at long range. I’m fine with that, because I’d rather be closer to the action.
From what I remember from last time I tried executioners, they are much more effective than Fat Man or Elephant at long range. And since you can run three on a build, they can be pretty devastating in the hands of someone who’s better at aiming than me.
I’m finding the new strafing controls make fixed angle weapons so much more intuitive to play for me, so I’m kind of excited to give Executioners a second chance, especially after seeing those testing numbers.

you should get the executioners from the witch hunt event while you still can. Reduced reload and increase in durability and projectile speed. The 10% durability increase might prevent it from getting 1 shot( especially with omamori) from scorps and the increased in projectile speed puts drop almost on par with a typhoon i tested it my own self and difference is negligible. Weighs a lot less too so you can put more armor on.


They honestly should either give it more damage, or give it more hp, it’s not as beefy as the gam lets you believe

Not to mention single shot weapons are extremely outclassed by dps weapons currently


Executioners were my first favorite weapons, might do that.