Exhibition clash of engineers

If your going to open up a competition build, dont you think …a) open up all access to the players who dont have access to unlimited parts or …b) put limits on the players that do… seems redundant to have a limited access player be put in same contest…expectations to never be met…waste of time and space …etc… just a competitive non monetary thought…free to play… :wink:


I had to buy many parts to make something cool for this years contest. No one is forced to build anything or buy anything. Some players do take this contests seriously, I made a build myself but I don’t think im going to win. I saw 3 builds that I personally liked more than my own. With that said, Its a risk to invest on these contests but if your build does win… You get more than just some rewards, you get recognition and respect. For me respect is worth more than what they can give you if you win the contest

Who needs extra parts if you have enough followers to stuff the ballot box ?! Personally I am not a contributor or voter of these events anyway.

Not like this one is any good anyway.

Once again a majority of builds are just the echo’s pack painted ice crystal, or red crystal. OR they are some CC build at exactly 9k that was painted red crystal.

like seriously The amount of good builds in it are rare.

The only time I have competed in the clash of the engineers, I won second place on my platform.
The build that I used was an older one that happened to fit the theme, and it was not using any parts that are difficult to acquire. And since I am fairly antisocial in-game, I know that I didn’t win because of friends stuffing the ballot box.

Sometimes I think people on the forum invent reasons they can’t win, so that they can give up before even trying.

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I made an entry into Clash of Engineers this contest. I was intentional about giving entries with less than a full inventory a fair shake.

I do expect newer players to at least come up with a thematic paint/sticker scheme for the event and did not even consider voting for an unpainted build.

I also expected new players to know the lore of Gronch, and when building a vehicle for Gronch, I expected something akin to a bad Santa/ Krampus character with presents and punishment, rather than the Grinch mobiles that many players made. Gronch should have a sick ride that can fight and punish those on the naughty or unbelieving list.

Finally, new players should have built something that synergized with the Echo cab, such as a cannon or rocket launcher, rather than a machine gun build. This shows an understanding of the game and how it works. Gronch would never run a machine gun on the Echo cab.


I think a lot of the players entering in general don’t read the instructions for the build out all the way through. For example this one had extra power score and weapon rarity restrictions not just the cab requirement. I saw a lot of them up in the voting section that were like this, and the contest coding doesn’t seem to filter for them very well yet, so players might be wasting their entries on things that don’t even qualify.


I submitted an entry into the contest, I called it low effort as a meme for the amount of effort i put into building it and surprisingly my lowest effort yet is actually in regular rotation unlike my previous builds where i actually put in a decent amount of effort and never even made it past the vetting process. Goes to show how much of a farce clash of the engineers actually is.

I don’t think that’s evidence of it being a farce.
First of all, it’s a creativity contest, and like all creative pursuits, more effort doesn’t mean better. For example, musicians will often tell you their biggest hit was written in 15 minutes, while they spent years working on albums that bombed.
Second, this is a contest decided by votes. It’s hard to predict or control how random people vote, which is how we end up with ships getting named “boaty mcboatface” if you leave it to the public to decide.

Don’t stress out so much about it, and try to accept that all you can do is try, and then hope you get lucky.

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That’s what i did, didn’t try at all and my low efforts paid off or at least better than my last attempts lol. The more time you spend trying to cook up a build for these events is just diminishing returns for your efforts.

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