Exhibition space removal

I just removed a build from exhibition space and apparently can’t replace it. This means they’ve removed spaces without telling us. I have 10 active now but I had 11 before. This isn’t cool. Double checking even deleting an extra leaving me with 9 now.

I removed another one and it didn’t give me the space back either. Relogged and it worked again for 10 but not 11? Did I miss something?

I remember something to that effect from some update, but it was maybe over a year ago. I don’t rememebr exactly what it was. Not hapenning on the PC, at least for now.

Just tried it now, and I was able to delete from, and add back to, my exhibition (pc account) and didn’t lose any slots.

Older players started with 2 bps and 6 exhib slots, if I remember correctly. It’s been balanced out at 4/4 for everybody. If you didn’t use your exhib slots since that update, maybe you just lost one of those?

You should have the same amount of bps and exhib slots. It’s easy to verify.

I’ll have to double check tonight. Hoping it was just me being tired, odd lag, or both: like if it didn’t delete when I told it to it would toss my count off.

I’m pretty sure I had updated the exhibits from that one year ago.